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    Posted March 16, 2014 by

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    Another BIG FAT lie by the BAL media!


    On March 12, 2014 prominent Bangladeshi news media outlets 'preached' Nabil El Araby's - the Secretary General of the Arab League - praise for the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's "guts and determination" in the Bangladesh War Crimes Tribunal. The reports have also mentioned that Nabil El Araby have been following the developments of the trials "quite closely."

    Arab League's Secretary General met with the Bangladeshi State Minister for Foreign Affairs Shahriar Alam in Cairo on 11th March, 2014, "and assured the Bangladesh state minister that the Arab League would always stand by the side of justice".

    The Daily Star report can be read from this link:


    UNB Connect, from here:


    News Today:


    BD News 24:


    What in fact prompted me to write a note on this, is the fact that I have NOT come across a single report from any international media on such a meeting of Shahriar Alam with Nabil El Araby! I wonder if they had really met, why didn't the Arab League official website publish it?

    (Please check the news section:http://www.lasportal.org/wps/portal/las_ar/inner/!ut/p/c5/vY1Nb4JAEIZ_S39AM7MsRThiQdxtWdwFP9iLoY0hbl0xwaDy64vpoSftpXHey2SevPOAhiH7qtvW1XHb7KsdrEB76yiQauEqilhkHjJnGilBBPXH3sDL25yTe21OYQnlGDjoetd8XGWvw0Xf7ZAfjjcmRBDTxm6gBD36_ZLINxeZzF8Ez2ckTBAKWKG7zs3lwPqvXplektR8ntpIntIoHvaMpu-CpUZlxbw958WSiLh1RD-ZoR-QxUTGIbdHk_hPf7icB7roA13kX10HO-9swJ6Tzl5TfwM1vJUf/dl3/d3/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/?pcid=5270090045267868b13efd4e596c747f)

    If Nabil El Araby had really said those words, wouldn't it be published in other media outlets? How is it that ONLY some Bangladeshi media outlets had the 'privilege' to report the news. More interestingly enough, the wordings of all the reports are exactly same - indicating that it was a concerted effort to promote the news!

    It is indeed very saddening that our local news media will soon loose their credibility if they keep up 'the good work!' Many have already lost their trust on them - unfortunately! We hope these media would concentrate more on serving the truth, rather than serving the Bangladesh Awami League (BAL) government. Truth will remain eternally, while governments will change - today or tomorrow!


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