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    Posted March 16, 2014 by
    Ann Arbor, Michigan
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    Secret Rogue Group Finally Comes To Ann Arbor - Membership Open To Some


    The cat is out of the bag.


    The elusive and secretive "Rogue Group" has finally come to Ann Arbor, after considerable murmurs and rumors have been spreading for months in advance of its arrival.


    It's difficult to get detailed information about the group, as its activities are quite secretive. In fact, the organization touts no official website, facebook page, or online profile, and it has no plans to. Instead, it prefers to communicate more intimately and directly with its members.


    The gist of what we know is this: Just as in the secret societies of Harvard, invitations are highly coveted and selective. Not everyone gets in. Those who make the cut are invited into a radically different world where they learn to "re-wild" themselves and see life as a very big and adventurous game.


    Local chapter organizer (and serial entrepreneur), Austin Szelkowski, could only be pressed for vague, yet intriguing details:


    "To sum it up: We're looking for the rebels and daring ones. I'm more interested in hanging with Indiana Jones than Donald Trump.

    You know why everyone likes Indiana Jones? It's not just because he always saves the day. It's because he lives by a different currency. His adventures are his wealth. He's less concerned about his financial stability than he is about living a life that's epic and interesting.

    What does Indiana Jones care about the 3 bedroom house, 2 car garage, and picket fence of the infamous 'American Dream?' His dream is gutsier than the American Dream.

    My members seek a similar adventure and learn to push their boundaries. The boring drag of 'civilized life' around them just creates a perfect playground to shake things up. When you chase your own adventure through life, rather than abstract handed-down goals, very few powers can really take that excitement away from you.

    The local troublemakers, agitators, and world-changers will recognize this kind of language and respond accordingly. I expect big things in Ann Arbor. "


    Szelkowski's expectations appear to be accurate, one Rogue Group member, Michael Toor, visiting from Toronto had the following to say about his Ann Arbor Rogue Group experience:


    "Austin forced me, in all the right ways, to push myself over 'the edge'. In fact, recalling my time in Ann Arbor, I would say that one of the most prominent elements of my experiences would have to have been the sheer 'edginess' of it all. It was as if I was experiencing a whole new type of adrenaline, and in unprecedented excess."


    With ties in Boston, Atlanta, Boulder, and Toronto, the group has large reach and even larger vision.


    We asked what kind of activities are in store for the Ann Arbor Rogue Group in Spring and Summer, 2014. Szelkowski responded very matter-of-factly and had only the following to say:


    "Oh - You know I can't answer that, but I can say that it's gonna be a bit a wild."


    The official kickoff event takes place this Thursday, March 20th, 2014, at an undisclosed location in downtown Ann Arbor. All activities thus far have been pilot events, but for a small group of selected individuals, the full-tilt Rogue experience begins on Thursday.


    INTERESTED? Those wondering if they have what it takes to be selected should text "TROUBLE" to the group's hotline at 313131 for a secret first mission.

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