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    Posted March 17, 2014 by
    Kansas City, Missouri
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    A Pretty Little Girl in a Black Tuxedo Saved From Death


    I have lived a rich life so far, but hopefully I’m not close to the end yet. I’m young enough to know there are more challenges and triumphs ahead, yet old enough to know that the follies of youth are behind me.

    I tried to cope with losing my dog Lincoln the best I could, but it truly took me to the outer limits of grief. In fact today (March 16th) is the anniversary of losing him 3 years ago. I felt so bad after a full year of tears that I asked God to never send another dog to me again unless He decided to “Drop one into my lap”..

    If you haven’t read the story of “Maya” (Only God and Time Can Heal a Broken Heart) that was a prelude to where I’m taking you now..

    The day I took Maya to the shelter, I was not looking to find a new dog, I just wanted Maya to find a great new home outside of Independence, MO which has declared war on pit bulls. When I brought her in, the shelter director Jennifer, assured me Maya would be placed with an organization in Lee’s Summit, MO that would find her a home.

    As I was ready to leave, Jennifer said that maybe Maya had brought me there so I could find someone new for me.. I said “No, I’m not really ready for another dog just yet.” Well, after a few minutes of coaxing, Jennifer convinced me to take a peek at one candidate.

    As Jennifer led me down a hallway away from the general pet shelter  population, and to her personal office, I was a little confused.. Jennifer kept saying, “Now this dog will probably bark like crazy at you, so don’t be surprised or afraid.. She won’t bite, but she will bark at you like mad.” As we approached Jennifer’s office, I saw a female  black Border Collie mixed with black Labrador. She looked like she was wearing a little black tuxedo with white markings on her chest, white socks on her feet and a little white tail-light at the tip of her tail. I sat down on the floor with her and said “Hi!” .. No barking.. I  started petting her, and talking to her. She seemed friendly enough, and still was not barking, so I wondered why Jennifer had warned me so much about this dog’s hostility issues..

    After about five minutes, Jennifer started crying, and abruptly left the room. I couldn’t figure out why Jennifer was so upset. A few minutes later, Jennifer returned, and explained the mystery to me.

    This dog had been at the shelter for three months, and had been so traumatized and abused by some horrible humans that she trusted no one. I was the first stranger or even shelter worker (except Jennifer) that the dog had not viciously confronted since she had been there. Jennifer was beginning to think the dog was not adoptable, and would have to be put down.

    I was unsure, but Jennifer was sure we would be a good match. I agreed to a trial with the dog, loaded her into my car and she whimpered and cried all the way home.

    It took several days of very tentative trust issues, lots of treats and toys, but soon the dog seemed to really trust me more each day. I named her “Piper”.

    She’s been with me now for two years, and she’s still a handful at  times, but I love her and I know she loves me. She “herds” me around the house, grabbing my ankles from behind as I walk, and gently nips the back of my shoes. She herds her toys into neat piles and groups around the house.. At the dog park, she loves everyone, (including humans). She has a favorite friend “Ginger”, a female German Shepherd who Piper loves to run up to, and flop over onto her back so Ginger can put her jaws around Piper’s throat. At first I was horrified, thinking Piper’s life was in danger, but for these two, its just a joyous game of   Sadomasochism! Everyone at the park just marvels at how these best friends play the game.

    I guess after not wanting to invest the emotional ties again of owning a dog, God truly did “Drop another one into my lap”..  I’ve lost  the battle to keep my soul pure from the agonies of future grief.  I now find myself fully in love with a new soul who will surely break my  heart in the future, but for now, she has a great home, I have a best friend, she is my pretty little girl in a black tuxedo, and life is happy.


    Please share this story with others so you may encourage them to rescue other shelter animals and give them good homes..

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