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    Posted March 18, 2014 by
    Kansas City, Missouri

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    Only God and Time Can Heal a Broken Heart


    Maya..The dog from nowhere..


    It had been at least a year since my dog Lincoln had jumped the fence, never been found, and had broken my heart. I was so sick of being completely depressed, cried-out and upset over losing Lincoln that I had said a prayer to God to never bring another dog into my life again.


    I said: “God, I never want another dog, unless you literally drop one into my lap, period!”.. I had endured so much grief over losing Lincoln that I just couldn’t stand anymore tears.. I didn’t want any other animal that I could love so much, and have so much to lose.


    Then one night, about a year after Lincoln was gone, I heard a dog barking at my gate.. It was about 8 O’clock at night, and I went outside to investigate. I found a cute female pit bull, barking to be let in.. She had no collar or tags. She was so desperate for attention.. I opened the gate, and she was so happy to have a new friend.. We got acquainted, and soon I thought she needed water and food, so I let her into the house, and she eagerly drank and ate what I had to give her. I had no dog food since it had been so long since I lost Lincoln.. She was especially grateful for the chicken soup I managed to find in the cupboard. She came over and licked me like she hadn’t eaten in a week.. I thought this dog needed a special home. I noticed she was in heat.. I decided to give her shelter until I could figure out what the next step would be in the future of this mommy dog.


    We slept together that night, and for the next eight days and nights as well.. I named her Maya.


    In our town, pit bulls are forbidden, with a $500 fine for possessing one, unless it is a cross-breed. I took Maya to my vet to see if I could keep her on a mixed-breed technicality. She was deemed a pure breed, so I couldn’t keep her.


    I let her go into the shelter, with the knowledge that she would not be killed, and instead given over to an organization in the next town that would find her a home.


    This began the next chapter of my love affair with dogs. Maya went on to a new home eight days later, and I brought a new pup home the same day. More about that in the next entry, and her name is “Piper”..


    Please share this story with others to encourage them to rescue shelter animals and give them a good home!

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