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    Posted March 18, 2014 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    Warren Versus Christie in 2016 Presidential Face-Off?


    That will be the match-up based on the votes from those who participated in Cornfield Polls fun, but not scientific, Way-to-Early 2016 Presidential Nominee Preference Poll.

    The  survey was conducted from March 8 to March 14. Participants were asked  to choose who among Democrats and Republicans they wanted to see  square-off in the bid to win the White House in 2016. There were three  names to choose from currently leading Democrats. There were seven  bandied about names from the Republican Party from which to choose.  Participants also had the option of entering a "write-in" candidate.

    The choice among Democratic possible nominees were:

    Former  First Lady, former Senator, former Secretary of State and the current  presumptive leader of the pack, Hillary Clinton; sitting Vice President  and former Senator from Delaware, Joe Biden; along with far left  Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

    For the GOP possibilities the choice was between:

    Wisconsin  Congressman and former Vice Presidential nominee, Paul Ryan; Kentucky  Senator and heir to the Liberty Movement, Rand Paul; once rapidly rising  star and Florida Senator, Marco Rubio; Tea Party firebrand and Senator  from Texas, Ted Cruz; outgoing Texas Governor and 2012 failed candidate  for President, Rick Perry; once the man to beat for 2016, but embroiled  in scandal investigations and New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie; and  political family dynasty scion and former Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush.

    And here are the results:

    Democratic Party

    Elizabeth Warren 29.41%

    Hillary Clinton 17.65%

    Joe Biden 17.65%

    No Answer 35.29%

    Republican Party

    Chris Christie 26.67%

    Rand Paul 20.0%

    Rick Perry 13.33%

    Paul Ryan 6.67%

    Ted Cruz 6.67%

    Jeb Bush 6.67%

    Marco Rubio 0.0%

    No Answer 20.0%

    Participants chose to pit the liberal Warren against the moderate Christie.

    Could this be the competing tickets in 2016?

    Now to throw a curve ball into the mix, there was the write-in option available as well.

    One  participant, showing her disgust for the entire field of possibilities,  wrote in her own name for president. Let's hear it for octogenarian and  Nevada resident, Bonnie Bashor. Bonnie is also a long-time reader and  follower of both From the Cornfield and Inside My Mind.

    Topping  the list of write-in candidates was former Florida Congressman Allen  West, who lost his bid to remain in the Congress in 2012. One  participant teamed West up with conservative Dr. Ben Carson to be his  vice presidential running mate. West received 28.6% of the vote.

    Also  mentioned as possibilites were Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal; Hillary  Clinton even though she was listed above; and in another protest,  George W. Bush.

    One participante noted, "I have no one else...how sad is that?"

    Yes,  I know with the 2014 Mid-Term Elections not really heating up yet or  gaining much traction other than the Texas Governor's race, this poll is  way too early. But it was done as a diversion and for fun.

    Thank you to all who participated.

    From the Cornfield, will the Democrats toss Clinton and Biden overboard for the outspoken Warren in 2016?

    Will the Republicans forgive Christie and embrace his moderate stances in order to win the White House?

    OK, OK...I'll focus on more current events now and turn my eye on the 2014 Mid-Terms.

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