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    Posted March 19, 2014 by

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    Gravitational Waves


    An important frontiere has been reached from Harvard University (USA). Its big telescope BICEP2, placed among the south pole ice, captured the already famous, just in a theorical way, gravitational waves. The telescope is able to intercept the Back Cosmic Radiations, which have been discovered from Penzias and Wilson in the sixties, and between those signals, incredible to tell, there's the gravitational waves fingerprint, which would confirm what Albert Einstein supposed in his General Relativity Theory, helped from the big astronomer Aleksander Fridman, who has been one of the first scientits to predict the inflationary model for the Universe developement. The discovering, in first, confirms the validity of Big Bang theory, and then the space-time carpet, supposed from Eistein, in which those gravitational waves move from the first Universe breath.
    It remains to validate the dual essence concerning wave-particle reality. The Graviton could be exist like Photon.
    Guidonia, 19 of march, 2014 h. 12.47 pm. Mario R. Zampella.

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