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    Posted March 19, 2014 by
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    iReporters share stories with CNN's John Sutter about why they're pledging to run marathons and other races in response to the Boston bombings.
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    2015 Boston Marathon

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    I Pledge and run for Boston


    I pledged for the Boston Marathon that I will be running.


    When it did happen we were all shocked and outrage by this terrible event. Afterwards we all got together and did this running shoes pictures assignment and at the same time we all pledge that we will be running. At that time, I had a back injury and was home for a while then I went back to work very difficult. Summer went by and I got back in shape but it wasn’t enough. I decided to buy myself a dog at the end of fall to do some more exercise outside so I wouldn’t be alone in the woods or on the trails. So, I did. I started to take some walk with my dogl. Hurt myself again at work. Then, winter arrived and had to shovel all that snow, no time to do anything else work, shovel and play with my little one but impossible to take a walk; the snow was too deep. January arrived and I was finally on vacations. Every day, we went out to shovel some more snow in the parking, the stairs the roof. Then, my sister arrived at my house with a pair of snowshoes to go in the woods with Starlett my little dog. This was perfect. I couldn’t go skiing with her so I went with my sister in Morin Heights to do some snowshoeing where you walk, run, run up hill and down. It was a lot of fun but Starlett is too small so I stayed home with my dog. I did some trails in the woods on my land, looping them over and over again, 7 trails all together. This is perfect for me and my dog to train for my run. Every single day we went out to train.I walk one trail and run another and then I keep on going. 15 minutes, 30 minutes an hour. I Did post my first run on Youtube my second run on Youtube in memory of the Boston marathon. I kept on training then saw a challenge on Facebook where this guy Pascal Huard Massicotte post every day some mystery exercise to do. I decided to join in for 30 days straight, as well as another challenge to eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day and my snowshoeing. So I did. The other day, I went running on the tread mill. 2 weeks ago, I ran 30 minutes 2.7 km on my layover in London. Sunday, I went running on the tread mill at my hotel in Paris 30 minutes 2.6 km. I am very proud of myself, I have kept the pledge took me a while to achieve it but I did. Unfortunately, I did not buy a new pair of sneakers cannot afford it. What kept me going while I was running outside in the cold is the joggers who lost their lives at the Boston Marathon. Yes I can run now.
    I saw an exhibition ounce; The mirror of time body worlds by Gunther von Hagens where they give you at the end a certificate. The life certificate.
    It says: and in the end it’s not the years in your life that count it’s the life in your years.
    In the back of the certificate it says: in recognition of resolve and commitment to embrace a healthy lifestyle, accept physical and intellectual challenges, strive for fellowship and live a purposeful life in longetvity.
    My personal commitments to a long and healthy life include:
    This challenge, this pledge.


    At the bottom of the certificate it says Ageing


    ATTITUDE: Stay optimistic and keep your sense of humour


    GENETICS:Pay attention to prevention and screening


    EXERCISE: Four times a week, 30 minutes a day


    INTEREST: keep exercising the brain


    G: get rid of smoking


    P.S. On the last treadmill I arrived at #2 position. They keep track of the runners scores on the treadmill at the hotel. Did you know that?

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