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    Posted March 19, 2014 by
    Taipei, Taiwan
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    Protesters occupy Taiwan legislature

    Pray for Taiwan, help us !

    I am a Taiwanese, why we are here, because the Chinese Nationalist government (KMT) in spite of public opposition Qi Cheng, Taiwan will force announced through a policy of subjugation(closing trade agreement) today, President Ma’s public support is only 9%, and all the people of Taiwan and Taiwan is the only country to settle down, back beyond this, no dead by !

    If we do not stand up, can be expected in a year of two after that Taiwan will step on the footsteps of Tibet, Xinjiang !

    Closing Trade Agreement one of the most thrilling agreement states: the future of Chinese business owners will be able to bring three Chinese employees, each person can also carry three families, that is a total of 16 Chinese people will come to Taiwan to do business in the name of money while their visa issue, unlimited extension of the expiration of three years to sign, please note that the “ unlimited extension signed!” this is not the equivalent of opening the door to legal immigration to the Chinese people in Taiwan do !?
    Chinese people on Taiwan's territorial ambitions of the whole world knows, I pray that the people of Taiwan to come together to defend our own future!

    Fellow police: We work hard, but please think rationally, your allegiance President Ma, is worth doing we are just ordinary people, a lot of students here today, older than you are young, perhaps? your neighbor has such a student, but we have only one Taiwan a home, you too, please think clearly important to defend your home compatriots, or even to listen to a "velvet" are poorly demarcated Ma, persecution own compatriots?

    To the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) legislators:
    You have worked hard, serving free trade agreement in the legislature for nearly nine months lying seen most of you are aware of this agreement hazard severity Taiwan Today, however, but you succumbed to your party chairman Ma called "military orders", at the contrary opinion, to live up to the ballot to vote for you, giving you the legislative power of the Holy People who collected most of the violence in the Legislative Yuan passed a bill can be said to be suicide the agreement sets off! gentlemen do not know if you are rich, you can always leave Taiwan, emigration? or you have Qierlaoxiao, do you seriously think the aftermath of this bill to you will not really affect you? fame door shall perish, if you still have a trace of conscience, there is a little piece of raw for you, keep your land in Taiwan have mercy, please make the right decision, retrial clothing trade, to myself, their descendants to their homes one can survive!

    To opposition legislators: you have worked hard!
    You afraid of power and the media to discredit, insist on doing the right thing, the people of Taiwan are looking at a single spark can start a prairie fire, which is the key battles a rebirth of democracy in Taiwan, please be sure to protect intellectual play hundreds of students live within the Legislative Yuan , so that we can believe that you really have the ability to guard the land of Taiwan, and the future of 23 million people of Taiwan, come on!

    To Taiwan compatriots: Taiwanese mettle gentle, submissive, but Taiwanese people really saw the potential inherent in their own national identity and self-esteem is eminently qualified to protect our own future, to build a country of our own, only? own standing live, we do not think highly of talent!

    Pray to God to open the eyes of all the people of Taiwan,
    The Spirit of truth given Taiwanese, God Bless Taiwan, God helps those who help themselves!

    Up, act now!
    May God bless Taiwan !

    An ordinary Taiwanese mother was written in 2014. 3.19 in the morning 11:16
    (Last night, hundreds of students occupied the Legislature, in accordance with requirements of government and the public service trade agreement, article review, the current confrontation between students and police in)

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