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    Is an American Spring coming?


    America voted twice for Hope and Change and today the world has become a cup of trembling. Obama's Fundamental Transformation of America has all but destroyed our standing on the world stage and as we have seen these past five or so years America can no longer act as an effective deterrent to tyranny.


    The Carter years of malaise are back as our economy and military strength erode under the leadership and ideology of this left wing president. One has to wonder if America will ever learn from the lessons of history and the mistakes that were made in the past or are we destined to repeat them.


    Our adversaries around the world are seeing first hand the apathy of America's current entitlement society and leadership while taking full advantage of it.


    History has shown us that weakness at home always leads to aggression and tyranny abroad.


    Looking at Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Egypt, Libya, and Syria it seems to me that the world is spinning out of control while this president lives under the delusions of his failed economic and political policies.


    America needs Change and our only Hope will be the November Mid-Term Elections.


    The silence from the left on these iReports is a clear indication that  they know things have gone from bad to worse under this president, and  as we have seen the conservative voices here on iReports have begun to  give rise to a shift in thinking as America begins to take a second look  at the error of its ways.


    The time has come for the Silent Majority to stand up and take back our Country from those liberal Democrats and Republicans who have reduced us to a third world status!


    To answer the question of this post:


    Is an American Spring coming?


    You Betcha!

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