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    Posted March 19, 2014 by
    Eastern Connecticut, Connecticut
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    A Simple Analysis of the Situation in the Crimea

    The situation in the Crimea is not a difficult situation to analyze and find out why is it the situation is unfolding the way it is. All we have to do is to look into the past to see the present and potential future. While we can not do anything about the past, we can certainly take cues from it, and apply those lessons to today.

    Russia understands that the West, and America are currently weak. They also understand the law of possession, where possession is 9/10ths of the law. They played this game many times during the Cold War, especially in 1968 in Czechoslovakia, Afghanistan in 1979, Hungary in 1956, the occupation of he Baltic State, etc.. The list can go on and on, however, we can simply understand that game Russia understands based on its history of the West.

    The West and America did nothing while Europe was being swallowed up by Hitler, and they only acted when it was too late. The Russians know that the West and America will not act, so they are taking full advantage of the turmoil in Western Europe and here in America.

    So while our president, President Barack Obama, drums up another speech, Putin of Russia is in his back yard doing what Russia does best, and that is out maneuver the West and America.

    What will it take to get Russia to think twice? It will take resolve, and that resolve unfortunately has died a long time ago when Europe died at Auschwitz.
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