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    Posted March 20, 2014 by
    Akkrum, Netherlands
    This iReport is part of an assignment:
    Ever want to be Batman?

    For me it started in 1987


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Batcompu told me, 'I see myself as a fan from the day I was first hooked on that show when I was 5 years old in 1987. It has never left my mind since then.'
    - hhanks, CNN iReport producer

    When I was a little boy and just about 5 years old It was the firs time I saw a animated Batman Television show from the 70's. And then it started for me I was hooked immediately.


    Years past by because in the Netherland they didn't show much show on the television and that was the only source for me to see something of Batman.
    In 1989 the great movie would be in de cinema but I was still to young and in 1992 it was the same story.


    But later on there was the Batman Animated show on the television and men what was I hooked again.


    In that time the stores in the Netherlands even had Batman Toys in stock. (now you have to go to expensive special merchandise stores).


    When I saw the first toy I had asked my mother if I could get that fl. 17,- costing figure. She offcourse said no because she hated that I liked some sort of Superhero dressed like a Bat.


    But I kept asking and asking and after some time she said You don't get the figure from us but you get 1,50 pocket-money every week and if you do some chores you can get some more.


    So first I was saving fl.1,50,- a week because they never let me do some chores for them.
    after a few weeks I had fl.6,- and still determent to save for that figure.


    Then they told me I could mow the lawn for them so I offcourse did and I got fl 5,- from my parents.


    so suddenly I had a big boost and had fl. 11,-


    That was a great feeling to have that much money in a short time so I asked in my falmily if I could do some chores for them as wel.


    And my uncle was so nice to let me clean his car and mow his lawn. I got fl,10,- from it so I suddenly had fl, 21,-
    And that was more than I needed for the figure.


    I grabbed my bike and drove as fast as I could to the store. Luckly they had multiple figures so I took the one I wanted with a smile bigger then the Joker and so I got my first figure ever.


    from that point on I have always spent a lot of money on Batman stuff even when my parents hated that I did it.


    They even forbid me to look the Animated television show after a while but as a true fan I will always like the Batman as my Superhero.


    And until today my parent won't support me with my Batman hobby but I don't care any more because I found enough pleople on the internet who support the Batman as well :)


    And I don't want to set my parents in bad daylight because there great and all but just won't support my Baman hobby.


    I have a lot more pic's with awesome collectibles then I can show here but I will post some random pics.


    If you want more pics just search on my username on dutch sites and you will see more. Or leave a message.




    1. Not a photo from myself but the story was about this figure


    2. Display in my living room


    3. Above my television


    4. In my dining room


    5.\6. Toynami Batmobile and Batwing in my pc room.


    7.\8. Displays in my storage room.


    9.\10. Very bad telephone pics from my storage room.

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