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    Posted March 20, 2014 by
    manchester, New York
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    Your 'Aha' weight-loss moments

    How DIETS make you fat


    Diets... are you currently 'on one?'
    If so, read on.


    Here are some insights into why diets could be making you gain fat.


    Its seems EVERYONE is on 'one'
    Or at least they start (again) on another
    > 'Ill start Monday'


    DIET = this is just what you are eating.
    Your diet is what you eat each day.
    NO ONE is actually on a diet.
    Instead, they are either cutting out or eating only certain foods or drinks for the short term.


    ... thats perceived by the media as a diet


    Most people agree, diets make you miserable. No-one can stick to them, they ruin your metabolism, they make you crave food, they make you unhappy. You are likely not as much fun to be around and likely miss out on activities and you just don't have the energy or feel like it.


    So WHY do so many people resort to DIETS?
    And why do people seem to be gaining MORE body fat? gaining weight, getting even more unhealthy?


    Here is why diets will make you 'fatter'


    1. They slow metabolism.
    It can take as little as just 5 days to take your leptin levels, and thyroid levels down to make fat burn = a crawl at best.
    When you drop the calories too low too fast... BAM... you body has a safety mechanism called
    'the starvation mode'
    This is when you body fights back!
    Its job is to SAVE / STORE ENERGY and while your in this 'starvation mode' all the hundreds of thousands of years of evolution
    kicks in... its job is to save energy.


    As your Metabolism slows - The hunger hormone 'ghrenalin' kicks in, making you crave all sorts of naughties... and when these
    'naughties' are consumed, usually those sugar and carbs fixes, again BAM
    > its to the 'storage tanks'
    thats your fat stores in your belly, bum, thighs, etc those areas you cant seem to shift the fat from!


    2. Cortisol raises.
    This is known as the stress hormone. This is also responsible to an extent for BELLY FAT!
    It raises cholesterol also. Bad news for your heart, and vital organs.
    As you body is stresses, and your body is now fighting back, storing fat, turning up the hunger feelings.


    YOU GIVE IN. You raid the kitchen, or the shops, fix the 'starving' sensation.. often binged and feel guilty.


    Sound like you?
    You feel worse than before.


    3. Your workouts.
    Now your body is saving energy, you don't feel like working out. You don't feel you have much energy left.
    Any workouts you do manage seems to be a real slog.


    > this is also because you body is os breaking down MUSCLE, and muscle burns calories, so less muscle = less calories burning = slower metabolism = more fat gain = you have MORE WOBBLY BITS!


    > then after a few weeks.. you give up exercise... or go switch to something easier...
    swimming, the cross trainer, walking or zumba instead, something easy.. that gets your body no where...


    Again.. you start to drop off
    You miss a workout. Then another. Then a few weeks pass... you go every now and again.


    BUT your not achieving what you set out to.




    'Right back to the diet tomorrow...' and the circle continues.


    is it any wonder why people try diets agin and again?
    Is it any wonder why people cant stick to them?


    Apart from the fact they always get those 'fast results' for the first 2 weeks or so... then to get nowhere for the next 6 months..


    Most are actually WORSE OFF than when they started, 6 months later, after all that trying, they are back to where they started...


    With their metabolism less effective, and their will power taken a beating...and their association to exercise and 'eating healthy'
    something they really do not have a positive response to.


    So this is WHY, in my experience, diets are getting YOU FATTER!


    Here is the thing, ... this process has been so familiar to people for sooooo long...


    They actually have some levels of comfort to this process, its familiar, its something they know how to do, its something they have got SOME 'results' with before...they don't have to spend too much money or time on anything else...
    > they say to themselves... 'this works for me'...


    They actually DEFEND diets, they don't like me suggestion that this is WHY they are where they are at...
    its not their fault partly as this is why they have been told to do by the mass media... right!


    Here is my question...
    so why cant you stick to it?
    why do you feel miserable?
    why are you not a happy person to be around?
    why are you, years later.. STILL not where you want to be?...


    if its not sustainable... its not results... its not where you want to be..


    Who wants to loose 10lbs for 4 weeks, or a few months.. to then 6 months later, put it all on again... and again...?
    Who wants to loose 4 stone in 8 months... with some diet thats not sustainable... to then the year later.. put it all.. and more back on?


    > how about, empowering empowered with HOW to manage your blood sugar levels so fat loss is a nice side effect?
    > how about learning how to workouts effectively, with a plan taking as little as 11 minutes you can do at home?
    > how about, having someone to give you the answers, when you hit roadblocks, so you know how to keep results coming, and enjoy the process?
    > how about actually waking up in 6 months, close to, or where you have wanted to be?
    instead of going back to these diets year on year?


    if you want some help... im here to help you.


    If you happy carrying on with this 'diet' madness.. I wish you luck I really do.


    As we know.. results come from a plan that is educating you along the way... so you can take your 'diet' with you every day.


    Losing that unwanted body fat and feeling great, having a firmer body is just a nice side effect.


    I hope this helps you today.


    If your READY to stop looking for tips and diets, and would love to stop working out for hours on end with boring cardio...
    Im here to help...
    >>Click here<< if your serious and would like some help




    Darren Casey
    The Body Transformer.
    Giving people their 'happier selves' back.
    - 15 years success -
    - Over 20,000lbs of fat melted -



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