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    Posted March 20, 2014 by
    Akron, Ohio

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    Why Financial Planners are Becoming a Necessity for Retirement Planning


    A decade or two ago it was normal to get a job right after high school or right after college and keep that job for the rest of your life. You would buy your first house with that job, support your family with it, and you would pay into your retirement fund with it. When it came time, a person would have the funds they needed to live after retirement.


    Things have changed a lot since then and retirement funds are getting increasingly difficult to save. When a group of young people, ages ranging from 18-30 were asked their thoughts on retirement 75% of them said that they had already started planning different ways to save money for that time, believing that the traditional method would be obsolete in 20 years.


    We can see all around us that this is happening. Even people who are retiring now are finding themselves with larger financial shortfalls than anyone would be comfortable with. Keeping one job for 40 or 50 years isn’t as easy as it used to be, so how can we save money for retirement without the safety net of a lifelong job, 401(k) and trusty retirement plan? Luckily, financial advisors are ahead of the changing times and ready to help us come up with strategies for our retirement.


    A financial planner’s job is to come up with a financial plan that is tailored to an individuals specific needs. More and more people are using their services to plan for their retirement or to help get rid of a retirement shortfall they’ve recently discovered as that time grows near. Even people in their mid twenties are seeking out the advice of financial planners for help with investments, stocks, and more.


    You don’t need to hold a job for 40 years or have a fantastic 401(k) plan in order to save for your future, all you need is the right strategies and knowledge; a financial planner can help you with this. By figuring out what your specific needs are they can construct a kind of financial road map that will help you with things like investing, selling or trading stock, tax deductions, and how and where to save your money. A financial planning company in Dallas uses a specific method of Advance and Protect in order to minimize loss and increase revenue over time in regards to both investments and stock options.


    Things have changed and we’ll all reach retirement age at some point, start planning now and avoid the panic of reaching 65 with a larger than expected shortfall staring at you. Calling a financial planner could make the later years of your life easier, whether you’ve kept one job your whole adult life or thirty.

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