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    Posted March 20, 2014 by
    Wilmington, Delaware
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    The Price Of What That One Yes Cost Me Because I Was Sick Of The Many No’s

    Six years ago when I first published my first book I had an experience that I want all of my writers to learn from. I had first posted about this on my Facebook page but I wanted to bring it here to ireport. I learned a valuable lesson and I hope this truly helps someone.

    Just because you can write books does not mean you can have a publishing house. Just because you can cook does not mean you should own a restaurant. Authors whether you are new or aspiring please do your research!! Don’t just go on google (anyone can be on google with false information or ” credibility”) to make themselves look good. Purchase some books, journals, encyclopedias, reference books, highlighters and go to work. I had to when I first started and I still do to this day. My research never stops because I’m doing other forms of writing/mediums.

    Being too naive makes you a target for being scammed. I know the business is tough but using your judgement is something that you will have to do in order to make the best decision for you. Just because a ” publisher” presents you with a contract doesn’t mean you sign it. Get it looked over by a reputable business manager or entertainment lawyer. Trust me it will protect you. When I signed with my first publisher I was just so excited because the many ” no’s” turned in that one “yes” and I signed.

    It was the year of 2008 and I had lost my grandmother, brother, and my cousin. My mother was still addicted to drugs at the time. Writing was my only escape from the losses that I had endured. I was ready to tell my story and get my book out there. It took me one week to write the first draft. After all of the no’s I had received I finally got a yes. I was riding the ” I’m an author trail” for months. My book was out in stores, selling very well and a YEAR later, not every quarter I got a royalty check (in the form of a money order) for $13.05! Never saw my stat’s or reports of my book progress throughout the stores, nothing. But this was MY fault, I didn’t do my research. I was devastated. I got a lawyer to send a contract for me to terminate from the company (the rights were already mine I had it copyrighted). The company never met with my lawyer or anything they just sent in an email that I was no longer apart of the company. In a result of that my book was taken off the market within the next business day. I’m no expert when it comes to the literary industry but I know now the ways to protect myself and my writing. Moral to the story do your research and make the best decision for what you want to do with your craft.

    Don’t be so quick to celebrate until you start to make capital and actually see it. Of course this is just my opinion. I’ve learned from my mistake and decided to be a self published author because of it. I’ve been self publishing my own books for over five years for two reasons:

    1. I see all of my money and know that it’s going into my pocket.

    2. I don’t get a less percentage of royalties going the Indie route. Sure, uncle Sam gets his cut and the rest goes to me. But, there is nothing wrong with signing with a traditional company. I’m actually looking into that now.

    Be safe, do your research and keep writing.

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