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    Posted March 21, 2014 by
    Indio, California
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    Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

    Struggle for control in FLT 370 Flight deck

    I am an experienced retired B777 test pilot. I was assigned to do the wing loads testing of the no 3 prototype where I performed several days of flight tests involving roller coaster maneuvers from -1 to + 3g's.
    I was also the Chief pilot for Boeing business jets demonstrating the BBJ to high profile individuals all over the world including Malaysia. Because private jet operations are done through FBO's and not major terminals we pilots were always concerned that individuals, catering service people etc. or even guests of the principal could be a possible threat. As pilots we discussed how we would handle a intrusion in the flt/deck
    of a hijacker. Are conclusion usually was that the aircraft is our only weapon available to us. I know from the 777 experience that I as the pilot could bounce any individual not strapped in from the ceiling to the floor hoping to render him neutralized(unfortunately anyone else who was not strapped in.)
    What if the FLT deck of 370 was compromised by an intruder either through a small explosive to the flt deck door or another method.
    These individuals are hand combat trained. They take command of the a/c and have the Malaysian captain, or they themselves enter the new route in the FMC . The first officer has been terminated and when the radio call came in the bad guys took the radio and gave a very non standard response. Alright Goodnight
    As the plane approached the turning point the Malaysian captain does a desperate attempt to neutralize the intruder/s. He abruptly pulls the nose up thus the reason for the zoom climb to FL450 (the only way it could be done) followed by an abrupt nose down explaining the other altitude excursions. A fight/struggle breaks out in the flt deck. The bad guy/s win. However during the maneuvers/struggle something happens that causes a depressurization. Air conditioning duct breaks loose or gunshot. The depressurization does not have to be abrupt.
    Subtle enough that the untrained intruder does not put on his mask and eventually goes unconscious and the airplane flies on the last assigned waypoint heading because there is no follow on waypoint entry i.e. a discontinuity in the FMC flight plan.
    The airplane eventually runs out of fuel the wind milling engines maintain electrical power and the beautiful 777 auto pilot uses its envelope protection mode to fly the airplane gracefully into the ocean

    A bit incredible but to me a lot more likely than the captain being the culprit.
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