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    Posted March 21, 2014 by

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    Cricket and Terrorism

    Pakistan and India have played 18 one-day cricket matches since 2007. India has won ten matches out of 18, and I have no issues with that. Pakistan has won 8, and I don’t like it. Before the hell break lose and you start calling me an “Indian Agent” or try fixing me in your ever-increasing conspiracy theories, please read this till end.

    How you would feel if I tell you that there is a co-relation between Pakistan winning one-days against India and Terrorism? Nuts, right?

    Well, the probability of Pakistan winning against India in one-day followed by a terrorism event is 100%.

    Let me explain:

    Pakistan won one-day against India by 4 wickets in Mohali on November 8, 2007 – then a suicide bombing attack happened on KPK Minister Amir Muqam that killed 4 and injured 5 on November 9, 2007

    Pakistan won one-day against India by 31 runs in Jaipur on November 18, 2007 – then an attach happened on Security Forces going from Para Chinar to Saddah that killed 3 and injured 13 on November 19, 2007. A suicide bombing occurred at ISI bus in Rawalpindi that killed 38 and injured 35, and another suicide bombing at GHQ Rawalpindi that killed 1 and inured 5, both on November 24, 2007.

    Pakistan won one-day against India by 25 runs wickets in Dhaka on June 14, 2008 – then terrorist killed 2 people in Gilgit who belongs to Shia community on June 14, 2008. And a bomb attack happened in Dera Ismail Khan, Imambargah Hazrat Ali, that killed 4 and injured 2 on June 16, 2008. And another terrorist firing in Peshawar that left 2 dead and 5 injured on June 16, 2008.

    Pakistan won one-day against India by 8 wickets in Karachi on July 2, 2008 – then terrorist firing in Kohat that killed 2 on July 2nd 2008. And an explosion occurred at Melody Market in Islamabad target against police that killed 20 and injured 40 on July 6, 2008

    Pakistan won one-day against India by 54 runs in Centurion on September 26, 2009 – then two suicide bombing attacks happened, one in bannu against police that killed 10 and injured 65, and another one in Saddar, Peshawar that killed 14 and injured 120, both on September 26, 2009. And terrorist killed 2 in Mingora on September 27, 2009 and then another bomb blast in Quetta that killed 12 on September 27, 2009

    Pakistan won one-day against India by 6 wickets in Chennai on December 30, 2012 – then a bus exploded in Karachi that killed 6 and injured 54 on December 30, 2012 and then terrorists ambush a bus in Mastung that killed 19 and 25 injured on December 31, 2012

    Pakistan won one-day against India by 85 runs in Kolkata on January 3, 2013 – then terrorist ambush Jaffar express killed 4 and injured 10 on January 3, 2013

    And Pakistan won again one-day against India by 1 wicket in Mirpur on March 2, 2014 – then a terrorist ambush + suicide bombing happened at F8 Kacheri in Islamabad that killed 11 and injured 25 on March 3, 2014

    There are other interesting similarities as well: 6 of the 8 incidents were against police/security forces or government institution/figure and 4 were against Shia. BLA accepted the responsibility of 6 out of 8 attacks (and now we have a new “Ehrar-ul-Hind” for F8 Kacheri attack). In all of the attacks, more than one person/bomber was involved. In 6 out of 8 attacks, there was some sort-of firing. In all attacks, the explosion was small in size killing 4 to 10 people. And 3 attacks were in Islamabad/Pindi. We should get the data of injuries and explosions to co-relate that as well.

    All of these can be a co-incidence and co-relation doesn’t mean causation but I couldn’t resist myself not to share it. The “winning” against India in one day matches has cost Pakistan 108 lives and 346 injured so far, so the next time Shahid Afridi wants to go Boom-Boom, I request him to please consider the Boom-Boom back home.

    As I don’t believe in conspiracy theories, please don’t take this article too seriously. There are other co-relations that can be generated as well, for example, after all 8 matches Pakistan has increased prices of utility or petrol and Altaf Hussain said that he would be coming back to Pakistan in 4 instances.

    So next time when you pray for a win against India, please be prepare for a terrorist event, price hike in utility bills and a fifty percent chance of welcoming Altaf Hussain on the airport.
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