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    Health record management goes hi-tech through Health Tracking System



    The high-tech improvements have made human lives fast and totally transmuted. This change has increased the people’s standard of living, changed their behaviors and boosted comfort level. The people started to travel on expensive vehicle even they are going to a market nearby their homes rather using a cycle or a walk which keeps them healthy and fit. The health aware people still use cycling as a medium to keep themselves or they usually take walk if they have to go anywhere nearby their homes which make them fit and healthy because they know that walking a day may keep their cholesterol level maintained. Everybody wants to keep exercising as an essential part of their daily routine life but now a day, people don’t have time to take walks or exercise due to their busy and hectic work routines. Most of the people buy treadmills to walk indoor but their busy routines can’t let them do so and at the end their health gets disturbed. People doing aerobics or taking workout at the gym are fewer in number as compared to those who don’t take exercise which pushes them in front of a lot of disease because rapid weight gain and bulky body is the main root which can cause a thousand diseases.


    The health experts, trainers, dietitians, physicians and aerobic teachers tell their trainees and patients to maintain their diet intake plans, exercise routine charts, caloric info chart etc. in order to get better results from workouts, exercises, dieting or aerobics because the food chart will provide guidance to a trainee about which type of food is to be consumed and when. The exercise routines will tell a trainee about the exercises which are to be performed and with their specific routine. The doctors also address their patients to keep their complete health records including medical history, food intakes, caloric info and allergy info etc. to get a brief health examination which will lead them towards positive results.


    A complete health tracking app for Android and iPhones:

    All the above discussed data is too complex and time consuming to arrange by a busy workman, trainee or a patient. This latent need was felt by the administration of Beepshealth-Health Tracking System and they brought a complete free health tracking system to track a user’s personal health record or a family health record. By this free health application, a personal health record and a complete family health record can be managed conveniently. This application is a real gift to our entire society which gives awareness to them that health record can be managed in a few minutes through this free health tracking app.


    Unique Features of BeepsHealth:

    This application provides you a feature named as ‘Appointments’ which stores all the appointments record including previous and upcoming future appointments. The past appointments will be saved in the appointment history. The users will receive reminder emails on their provided email addresses about the upcoming appointments. The second main feature is the ‘Health History’ which shows the complete Health Report, according to the data entered by the user. A category of Test/Forms is also available which shows the past prescription reports and test reports i.e. X-rays etc. of a user which he/she has uploaded. The category of ‘Medicine’ keeps the medicine record about the doses of a specific prescribed medicine which a user takes.


    The category of Caloric info informs a user about the daily caloric intake according to the selected food. This will inform the users that their prescribed calories are taken or not and should they eat more. Caloric info also helps the user to control the volume of daily caloric intake which will help them in controlling their increasing weights. The most interesting feature is a 3d animated dummy character separately designed for both males and females, which help them to identify and upload their actual diseases. It makes the patient doctor interactions more brief and to the point. To access all these free feature, the user just have to go through a free registration process through the sign-up button on our home page(www.beepshealth.com).

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