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             The front cover of the “The Only Petition at U.S. Tax Court” book given to the Author by the Almighty Eternal Creator through her dream, it indicated The Almighty Creator announced, each and all human are binding to His laws, and He is judging based on the results from each and all thought, words, and actions! The petition filed in the United States Tax Court by Author Do-Nguyen, who is His Messenger of Covenant was natural services on earthly level of the fulfillment of the Book of Revelations began.

         The American flag and gold scale symbolic of the United States of America and global countries. The powerful lighting shedding down from thick dark clouds on the sky symbolized of the Almighty Eternal Creator’s judging are coming down upon the American government and global countries federal officials, taxpayers, and all people!

             The Only Petition at U.S. Tax Court’s contents is the United States Tax Court’s Docket No. 11892-98. The Author was Petitioner Do-Nguyen, who victim of the United States government authorities violated her freedom of religion. The contents of the Petition served as the Almighty Creator’s enforces His laws upon the American government three branches! The exactly enforcement the Almighty Creator’s laws also applied to global countries governments’ three branches. Judgments against the United States government three branches for their serious violations of abused their positions powers, violated the Creator’s fee will God gave to all people, and taxpayers’ freedom of religion, protected in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, result serious harming to the Almighty Eternal Creator ongoing creation of human life on earth, and developing of the physical and spiritual earth. Along with the Almighty Eternal Creator is removing abusive governing authorities from the U.S. and global governments, which revealed in the Book of Revelations as the “New Earth” comes out of Heaven.

            Freedom of religion meant each and all people have “full” right to practicing his or her religion faith’s rules and regulations! It meant “all government laws” passed by congress, courts’ rulings, president’s executive orders must “not” direct or indirect interfere, violate or prevent people religion practice! Enforcement of the freedom of religion, government must “never” fund taxpayers tax dollars for programs, projects violated taxpayers’ religions practicing’ laws.

            Beyond, the Almighty Eternal Creator (almighty eternal supernatural power) is the sole owner of the earth and all His creations, included human race, global government countries’ laws must pass under His laws, and enforcing correctly!

            September 11, 2001 incident was began of long hall dearly suffering revealed by Almighty Eternal Creator directly to Author Do-Nguyen, during her morning inside the Good Shepherd Catholic Church Blessed Chapel, on August 25, 1994, at about 9:35 a.m., at the Blessed Sacrament Chapel in the Good Shepherd Church of San Diego. It was a vision, the Author Do-Nguyen saw letters spelling out “WHITE HOUSE” appeared, and at the end of the word “HOUSE” Do-Nguyen saw several ambulances, with lights flashing, heading toward the White House from the horizon.

      The entire horizon was on fire. After a couple of min­utes, two-thirds of the ambulances disappeared. God then said to Author Do-Nguyen, “Mariette, deliver this message to President Clin­ton: Freedom of religion in Vietnam must be included in the aviation agreement between the United States and Vietnam. The final hours of the earth are coming. He must choose whether or not to lead his country on earth into Heaven by choosing whether or not to obey Me. Send a copy of this message to the head of the Vietnamese*government.”

    Continued, God revealed to Author Do-Nguyen of He removed abused power from global countries government through he showed Author #American flag was flying and stopped, and than Flagpole Broken.


    On the night of January 4, 1996, in my vision, I saw a medium-sized parking lot, in front of the Mesa super­market. An iron flagpole was standing in a round cement base. [Opposite the market were a few restaurants, and there were some other small businesses nearby.] I saw the flag waving in the wind; it was white, with red stripes, and the lower corner next to the pole was dark.

    Then I noticed that the top third of the pole was bent down, so that it was close to the middle of the pole, and it raised up, then down again, many times. God said, “America is so proud, stronger than all other nations, but if her people do not repent, I, the Lord will strike them down.”

    God was directly pointed to the United States of America as country as flag, and American people in his words. The flag no long fly and its pole broken symbolic of the entirely country leaders lost their power of authority, and they must pay in full for damages fo they abused power, violated taxpayers’ freedom of religion and the Almighty Eternal Creato’s laws, by using taxpayers’s dollars funding wars and abortions.

      On the first and last chapters of The Only Petition at U.S. Tax Court, Author Do-Nguyen based scriptures, explained the Almighty Eternal Creator identities, the Creator’s creating human race, and various eternal relationships between the Creator and His creations. Along with creations of human physical bodies from substances generated from human souls; human souls, spirits, minds and physical bodies functioning, the causes of diseases and mental illnesses, how to prevent and heal illnesses and diseases.

           Malaysia flight HM370 Boeing 777 vanished on March 8, 2014; I decided of ask the Almighty Creator to find out the cause and location. Then before I went to sleep the night of March 15, 2014, I asked God “Father, what was happening to the Malaysia flight 370 Boing 777?” The response came during the night before dawn of March 16, 2014 while I was asleep as follow: I heard God said, “Gag order!” I asked, “Father, who did you put the gag order on?” He didn’t response to my question. But during the night before dawn of, 2014, while I was as sleep I heard, "The airplane is in the ocean!" The “gag order” I heard symbolic of the plane and passenger’ bodies are hidden and unable to find for time being and costly to various countries and people.

             During the night before dawn of March 20, 2014, while I was asleep, I saw India ocean surface calm. It was God revealed to me of the Malaysia flight HM 370 Boeing 777 plunged in the ocean, news agencies and commentators chaos shall end their chaos for investigation agencies locate debris and bodies of passengers, and more important is for passengers families grief healed. Note: “Gag order” meant hidden from people locate the plane because bad weather and plane sunk under the water.

           I then saw Book of Revelations’ five chapters 1, 2, 3, 12 and 11, “letters to the Churches of Asia, Two witnesses and the Woman with her Child.” The Malaysia flight HM370 plunged into Indian Ocean followed after the movie “Son of God” rolled out on February 28, 2014. It meant the Malaysia flight MH370 Boeing vanished into the India Ocean was contribution of human sacrifices their lives during the fulfillment of the Book of Revelations.

               March 22, 2014 I sent an email to the Malaysian Prime Minister, and the morning of March 24, 2014, I saw morning news on CNN & Fox News broadcasted, the Malaysian Prime Minister spoke to Malaysia flight MH370 Boeing 777’s passenger families, informed them the sad news of the Malaysia flight MH370 ended in Indian Ocean all lives lost!

         All bad things must happen on earth revealed in the Book of Revelations result bad supernatural power, accumulated thoughts and actions violated the Almighty Eternal Creator’s laws, adding damages to violators others, building up in spiritual, the realm full with power, and the supernatural power must go down on earth. Therefore, in order to make the world better place to live, global government leaders and terrorists must end wars, abortions and terrorists activities are killing human lives, these activities are the top of all things must completely ended, before all other things.



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