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    Ever want to be Batman?

    Bats Scare Me


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     TwoFace322 told me, 'I think Batman has stood the test of time for three-quarters of a century and remained popular because his story is so elemental in its origins that it draws the attentions of not just fans and consumers of the comic books, movies, and video games but also the best creative minds.'
    - hhanks, CNN iReport producer

    I was five years old in 1975 living in Philadelphia playing with my toys with the television on in the background. I glanced up though and was scared spitless when I saw a dark figure in a cape on the screen. I didn't know it was Batman but I knew I was scared yet fascinated by this strangely dressed person.

    It was an advertisement for a rerun of the Adam West BATMAN show on one of the local affiliates I was to find out later. Just like I also found out that this campy show was the last thing to be scared of on tv back then or now. I didn't care though because I had to know everything about this character who has gone on to be my favorite fictional creation ever.

    I may not have the biggest collection of Bat memorabilia or autographs from any of the men who have given Batman life over the past seventy-five years but I do live and die with the character's adventures no matter the medium. I'm so deep into world that I tell my friends half-jokingly that I only love three things in this world: my son, the Philadelphia Eagles, and Batman and all three in no particular order.

    Something in the mythos of the character is so primal to me that while his foreboding look drew me in it his story and the twists it has taken over all these years has kept me on the edge of my seat. I know like few others do that Bruce Wayne fights a never-ending battle against evil not for vengeance or because he's insane. He fights because he never wants anyone to have their world ruined like his was when Joe Chill killed his parents in front of him in Crime Alley. That doesn't make him disturbed or certifiable, that makes him as much of a hero as a doctor, a dedicated schoolteacher, or a volunteer youth mentor; people who do the right thing not for public acclaim or glory but because it is right.

    Such is the appeal of Batman for me because if I've learned anything in the almost forty years I've followed the character it's that I don't need a billion dollar trust fund, a souped-up ride, or ninja training in a Tibetan monastery to do the right thing. No, I or anyone can be the Batman because it is not who we are but what we do that defines us.

    That's what a campy old television introduced me to as a little boy and as a middle-aged man it's a world I don't ever plan on leaving. No matter how much bats scare me.
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