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    Aliso Viejo, California
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    How To Build Connections Fast Through Joint Ventures

    Being curious about others and being adept to connect with them, whether personal or in business is a recipe for long lasting friendship and success. This is true in joint venture partnerships, too. After all, if you build good relationships, people will most likely want to do business with you and such partnerships can be valuable.

    Research suggests that most meaningful relationships are a by-product of people you know introducing you to those you want to know and these connections are ones that bond, because they are based on shared mutual values.

    There’s a common thought that solopreneurs and entrepreneurs work by themselves. This is way beyond the truth. Sure, going it alone is true in most situations, especially when you’re starting a new business or writing a book, for example, to use as a lead generation tool and, or, to build credibility. Of course, only you can write the content (if you’re not hiring a ghostwriter), but you’ll eventually need a copyeditor, a designer to create an impressive book cover, book description copy, and a marketing plan, among other things.

    You will most probably outsource those areas that you’re not skilled at, or have no inclination to do. Then there’s the launch of the book and here is where it makes sense to joint venture with others who successfully do things that produce similar outcomes and whose customers would benefit from your book.

    The many challenges that starting a business and writing a book will present cannot be overcome alone. Collaborative effort is a must to be successful and that means connecting with people in the right industry, along with delegation. It's vital to have the support of others. No one exists in a vacuum; we all need other people.

    Face-to-face meeting with people to build relations is paramount now more than ever in our digital age, since relationships built on trust is the essence to doing business. This is why attending events where like-minded people collaborate should be a port of call to help you get to know others so that you can team up with someone or a group of people, or business if you want to expand your circle of influence to create a presence and also help you find creative solutions to your problems.

    In the prelaunch of the JV Insider Circle, Joint Venture Experts Milana Leshinsky and Rich German share in their new Report, The Top 12 Reasons JV Partners Will NEVER Promote You... and what you can do about it, that you can access via this link: http://goo.gl/UDh1ho.

    Leshinsky and German outline what not to do, the appropriate ways to approach joint venture partners and how to cultivate lasting and rewarding strategic alliances.

    The 12 major mistakes listed in the Report are:

     Making a pitch without creating a relationship first
     Suggesting irrelevant offers that aren't a good fit
     Offering a generic program that fails to solve a specific problem
     Failing to put the partner's needs front and center
     Not putting enough juice in the reward package
     Failing to establish trust
     Forgetting to ask for reciprocation
     Winging it instead of being ready with quality communications and support at every turn
     Extending confusing offers that fail to inspire action
     Talking too much, writing too much, and not getting to the meat of the matter fast
     Boring a potential partner with an invitation that is blah-blah-blah and boilerplate instead of compelling, controversial and epic.
     Showing up with unprofessional, unremarkable marketing materials that scream "So what?" instead of "Wow."

    In a recent press release, Leshinsky says, "Our new ebook (sic) elaborates about each of these points so we can guide action takers around the world to earn joint venture success right out of the gate. We share what we've learned from the trenches as top performing joint venture partners for luminaries."

    If you've tried using joint ventures to grow your list before and you’re emotionally drained because you find it difficult to partner with people, you can get free training on this webinar: Instant Clients Formula: The Fastest Way to Get More Clients, Sell More Products, And Build a Massive List of Hot Prospects here: http://goo.gl/NrvK2b.

    There’s no denying that joint ventures is one of the fastest strategy to help you achieve your goals. It can shave years off your business growth and I speak from experience. This specific strategy was incredibly valuable for my book coaching business.
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