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    Posted March 22, 2014 by
    Kingsburg, California
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    Ever want to be Batman?

    I've always wanted to be Batman

    As far back as my memory goes(I am 46 years young), Batman has been a part of my life. I can remember when I 2-3 years old riding my Big Wheel through my family's home in Orange Cove, CA pretending to be Batman. I am pretty sure my obsession with Batman started with the reruns of the 1966-68 classic Batman TV show. From there I began collecting comics books at the age of 3. My family could tell you I would study the illustrated pictures of Batman, over and over again. I would look at my comics all day long. Never bending a corner or tossing it around like most children at that age would. My comics had to be in perfect shape. If someone picked up my comics I would make sure that they did not damage it in any way. One found memory I have also was when I was three and we had a custom at Thanksgiving where family members would draw name to purchase gifts for each other for that upcoming Christmas. My uncle Walter drew my name and told me to come over and tell him what I wanted for Christmas. I remember exactly what I told him, "I want to be Batman, I want a Batman costume". That Christmas while at my uncle's house and finally my turn to open my gift, there it was. My Batman costume. I don't think any gift since as brought me as much joy as seeing that Batman in it's box. I used that costume until it wouldn't fit me anymore. Back in 1989 when I heard that a Batman movie was finally coming out after years of developmental hell, I was determined to see it the first day out. What I didn't know was that a buddy had won tickets to an advanced screening of the film and surprised me with one of the tickets. I was going to get to see Batman on the big screen before everyone else. I couldn't believe it. It was spectacular and breathtaking. Finally, Batman was on the big screen. for the next 3 Batman films, I was there opening night, as excited as the first time. However, after screening Batman and Robin, while I enjoyed it, I knew that it may be a while before I ever would see Batman on film again. To most, it was the film that killed Batman. Over the next few years I would snoop around the "world wide web" looking for nay information available to see if there was any talk of a new Batman film. There was always rumors, but never any concrete evidence. Then I found a website, Batman-on-Film, and this guy that was the creator of it was just like me. He was the biggest Batman fan he could be. There were others out there, all with the same obsession. We all gathered here to talk and read about any new news on Batman. Finally around 2002-2003, a British director named Christopher Nolan was going to bring Batman back to the mainstream. Did he ever. Batman Begins was THE Batman film that junkies like me have always dreamed of. To me, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises just reaffirm what I had always known: Batman was the greatest superhero ever created, because he was like me. He had no super powers, he couldn't fly, or have super strength, or turn invisible, or run faster than a bullet. He was just a man, determined to become a symbol of hope to the innocent and a symbol of fear to those with wrong intentions. Batman can be anyone...he can be me.
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