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    Think You Make a Good Salary? You May Think Again When You Realize Who Makes More Money than You


    When you let yourself stay stuck in the rat race, you don't have many options to improve your financial picture. You can work more hours, maybe ask for a raise. If you work hard and you're lucky, you might even get a promotion. Yet most people who work a typical 9-to-5 job won't improve their income much more than inflation for cost-of-living over the years.


    "So what?" you may be thinking. "I've got a great job with a good salary. I have everything I need." While your salary may seem adequate now, you might think otherwise when you realize what other people are making more than you, as outlined in this infographic:


    Unskilled Labor


    You may have gone to college to earn a degree or worked for years practicing and honing your craft, but some people who have only a high-school education and more skills may be making more than you. Take the garbage man in Newport Beach who makes $59,000, topping your $53,000 salary as a sales manager. Or consider the man who gets paid $25,000 a year to watch television and report back on preferences. Strippers can make $74,000 a year, while most teachers only make $53,100.


    Niche Professions


    Sometimes, all you need to do to make a higher income is work in a niche industry. For example, cooks working on a submarine can make $200,000, giving a whole new meaning to pressure cooker. A chocolatier can make up to $90,000 per year -- more than double what an athletic trainer can make. Perhaps that's sweet victory?


    The takeaway from this infographic is that simply working for your money is not really the key to financial independence. If you really want to get ahead, you must find alternate ways of growing your income, such as investing in FOREX, stocks or other commodities. By studying these options and learning how to make smart investments, you can grow your wealth independent of how much education you have or how much work you do. With the right trades and a little luck, you may even be able to achieve financial independence so you never have to work again. Then you can hire the athletic trainer instead of being the athletic trainer and pay the salaries of those who maybe once made more than you.


    You can view the original infographic on iFOREX.

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