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    Posted March 22, 2014 by

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    Flight 370 flotsam ?


    Tomnod map image # 182438 [on the lower left quadrant adjoining map section to its left.]. Use browser's maximum zoom. [Note: It may not be visible at all at less than 1920x1680 resolution. I am using a 24" monitor]

    Lat 4.306476 Long 90.048503 as of Friday 4:31 AM UTC.


    At first glance, it looked like it could be just the face of a breaking wave. Most of the breaking waves nearby have either a bow shape, up to almost a horseshoe shape.


    The circled item is different. In particular, note the apparent bisecting lines across the face of it. I have yet to see what is a breaking wave with geometric lines across the face of it.


    When I enlarged the enlarged screen image in graphics software, several things were notable at high magnification. The white surface(s) of the object are noticeably whiter than the surrounding waves. The dark lines which are barely visible in the browser on the 10:00 and 8:00 positions are much blacker than surrounding dark areas.


    The bisecting lines retain their shape and contrast at 10x magnification. They take on an appearance not unlike the fan blades of a iconic Dutch windmill.


    These observations lead me to conclude that whatever it is, it is distinctly different in a number of ways from any other surface forms or waves in the area.


    I thought this might be due to pixelation effect, but the image retains the distinct contrast and tone characteristics regardless of magnification. It may just be some storm-caused flotsam. But it seems to be a very unusual looking bit of it.


    I flagged it for tomnod, but I seriously believe this bears a quicker referral to Digital Globe for examination. CNN, are you hearing this ? Or anyone that has connections to the heads of the Australian aerial search effort ?


    Any assistance in getting this to the attention of either DigitalGlobe or to regional Government officials would be most helpful.

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