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    Posted March 22, 2014 by

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    Is martial art importance for woman ?

    Is martial art importance for woman ? Why womans should be necessary to learn martial art ? Some of us probably think that it's sound uncommon. Martial arts is too hard for woman. It's too rude that make their feminitives going out from their natural characteristic. Maybe some husbands thought that their existencee will be endangered by their wife's activity. But it doesn't happened in some papa, they believe that martial art would be the protector for their daughter. So we have to get some other reason as support for woman to do this activity generally.

    In this period, woman has been more active than they were in the past. Woman has been involved in many aspects of live. It's different with their history in past, where theirselves limited by social culture. Now, woman can work with any positions as they want. Definitely, according with their capability. Woman can give their participation in many activities. So this effect is, woman be more busy. They've to finish homework as mom, maybe and must finish their job duty in limited time. It hink this situation will make woman susceptible to get over stress. So they need any relaxy activity like games, recreation or yoga. But we're not talking about yoga, recreational or game. We are talking about self-defense woman. Martial summarizes recreation, games and meditation itself. So, martial arts would be an activity which refresh woman's soul from their bustle. In the other hand, it's not a strange thing if the woman become healthier and more confident when they have been studying martial arts as you know that pratician of martial art required to always patience in their training, calm in their battle, and always confidence in front of their enemy.

    Woman activities in outside of their home probably is more result a risk than woman who got their activities in their own home. Woman often become the object of crime in the modern activities. Those with more activity discharged outside the home, work that resulted in their home late at night, the number of offenders outside the home, as well as woman's lack of power resulted in woman more prone to crime, even the fact that most woman are victim of the various crime. Even worse, woman are victims of sexual crimes like a rape. Hence, the condition of the times begin to turn more violent, woman need to learn self-defense. It's not a huge ambition, it's more be simply because the most important goal for woman is that they could protect themselves from various kinds of crimes from the criminal with martial art.

    Eventually back to woman, whether they want a little attention to the basic things and give them a sense of security feelings when they were shouldn't run itself in a place and time that could potentially there is a crime. Martial art make woman more appreciated, martial arts in other words is a real "protector" who gives a lot of positive aspect to the lives of woman. In short conclusion, it's right that woman need to learn martial arts. Yee haa !!
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