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    Posted March 21, 2014 by
    Simferopol, Ukraine

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    Spaghetti Crimean


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     dsmirnov says last evening he used what little food he had left at home to create his new dish, Spaghetti Crimea, an amalgamation of pork bacon, spaghetti, garlic and tomato-horseradish sauce. It is all the ingredients he has left at home because he cannot get money from local ATMs to purchase food at the grocery stores in his area. He says every ATM in Crimea seems to be empty, which makes him wonder if Russia will supply the region with rubles instead of Ukrainian hryvnia. There's a sense of uncertainty in the region, he explained. 'People start to realize the cost of joining Russia for them in their daily lives,' he said. 'I want to cancel every decision of Russia's regarding Crimea and let the region decide its future together with Ukraine.'
    - Jareen, CNN iReport producer

    There is a celebration today. Not because of my new receipt invented, but because of Putin has signed his Crimea annexation bill. Everybody celebrate this event like something which 'can not be undone now'. There was a firework in Simferopol tonight - I wonder if it was made by Russian 'green men' or Ukrainian soldiers who change their oath to the country?...


    After a week of all these great speeches (or great lies like Putin's one) people of Crimea finally meet the reality: every ATM in the city is empty now. During the week the situation evolved from banning of the plastic of Russian banks (like mine) through limiting of daily cache withdrawal by 500 UAH to just stop working at all.


    Even worse that businesses start closing their ATM operations: at the city of Belogorsk (50 km to the East of Simferopol) there is no grocery store any more which accept cards; the same tendency become actual in the capital of peninsula also. 'ATB', 'Silpo' brands stop accepting plastic cards as valid payment method as well as restaurants and cafes. Few are still accept them.


    Nobody can answer what is the future coming. Will ATM operations return? Are Ukrainian banks' plastic invalid any more? Are Russian banks' cards will be unblocked soon? Will we pay in Russian rubles instead of Ukrainian hryvnia? Will Putin send us rubles in freight wagons???


    Last one is unlikely because in his great speeches new Russian czar said nothing about how he plans to implement this great annexation project - just gave his servants the order to do it "anyhow, but fast!" I doubt that this ex-colonel of KGB has an idea how world bank system works - as well as his Сrimean protege... And I have no idea of our future as part of the modern world anymore...


    However I have something in my fridge which is from times when my bank card worked... Please see below unique receipt which I just invented a couple of hours ago. I've named it 'Spaghetti Crimean'.


    - Pork bacon (Pork lard is even better as a symbol of occupied Ukraine!)
    - Spaghetti
    - Garlic
    - Tomato-horseradish sauce (a local thing)


    You should roast a pork till it gives enough fat and become cracklings. Then just put prepared Spaghetti to the frying pan with finely chopped Garlic and Tomato-horseradish sauce. It's ready. Bon appetit!

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