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    Tokyo, Japan
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    Portrayed as a wonderful, friendly and great country to visit and invest in hmmmm!



    Well my family immigrated there

    from  the uk in the 50's and my Sons are Australian, I spent much of my  youth their.......so I should know what I'm talking about !





    I  have personally called Any Robb the trade minister's office, the head  of infrastructure, transport minister's office and countless others and  alerted the Australian press/media about this OUTRAGEOUS and corrupt  practice which is hurting Australian exporters living in Japan and  Australian customers in Australia, all to no avail and only to be greeted with deaf  ears and apathy !



    If Australian exporters and businesses where treated like this the country would go broke !




    Australia is HURTING the livelyhoods of it's own citizens who are expats and living in Japan !


    It is the most dishonest practice of trade protectionism and highway robbery anywhere !


    When  an Australian buys a Japanese vehicle from a fellow Aussie in Japan,  the dep't of transportation through their so-called infrastructure  division makes sure that both parties go through HELL and HIGHWAY  ROBBERY before, if ever,   the customer receives their paid for imported  vehicle !

    Listen to my video for the full SHOCKING, UNBELIEVABLE story !



    Infrastructure Australia is a statutory body, established under the Infrastructure Australia Act 2008 which came into effect on 9 April 2008.

    Infrastructure Australia advises governments, investors and infrastructure owners on a wide range of issues. These include:

    • Australia's current and future infrastructure needs
    • mechanisms for financing infrastructure investments, and
    • policy, pricing and  regulation and their impacts on investment and on the efficiency of the  delivery, operation and use of national infrastructure networks.

    Infrastructure  Australia's focus is on assisting Australian governments to develop a  strategic blueprint for unlocking infrastructure bottlenecks and to  modernise the nation's economic infrastructure.

    Infrastructure  Australia reports regularly to the Council of Australian Governments  through the Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport.


    Infrastructure Australia has 11 members, appointed by the Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport.



    About the Registered Automotive Workshop Scheme

                    More like SCAM !



    The  Registered Automotive Workshop Scheme (RAWS) allows for the importation  and supply of used specialist or enthusiast vehicles to the market in  Australia. Under this scheme only a RAW can import a used vehicle into  Australia. RAWS arrangements do not apply for vehicles manufactured  before 1 January 1989 or vehicles that are to be imported under the  Personal Import Scheme. For these vehicles please refer to Vehicle Safety Standards Bulletin 10(VSB10) Importing Vehicles into Australia.




    If  you do not wish to become a RAW and would like to arrange for the  importation of a used vehicle, you will need to contact a RAW to arrange  for the importation of the vehicle. You can find a listing of approved  workshops and their schedule of Approved vehicle models through the Search for a RAW.  Before the vehicle can be fitted with a Used Import Plate (required for  first registration and for use as transport in Australia) the RAW must  modify the vehicle to meet the Australian Design Rule (ADR) requirements  as referenced in the RAWS legislation.

    In order to be eligible for importation and supply through RAWS, a vehicle must be:




    A Used Vehicle - the vehicle must have been used in transport outside Australia and either be:

    • SEVS Eligible - a vehicle that is listed as eligible under the Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicles Scheme. The details of the vehicle must be as specified under the SEVS ruling; or
    • A two or three wheeled L-group category vehicle  (motorcycle) that meets the evidence requirements for unrestricted  importation through RAWS.



    SEVS Eligibility does not automatically imply  that a vehicle complies with the ADR or other RAWS legislation, nor does  it imply that a vehicle model can be economically made to comply. In  order for the RAW to fit a Used Import Plate to a vehicle, the workshop  is required to hold evidence that the vehicle, as modified, meets the  RAWS requirements. This may require testing or modification of the  vehicle. If a vehicle cannot meet the RAWS requirements it must be  exported or destroyed.

    Damaged  Vehicles - A vehicle that has been structurally damaged cannot be fitted  with a Used Import Plate. The RAW must assess each vehicle for damage  against guidelines prescribed in legislation - if the vehicle does not  meet these requirements it must be exported or destroyed - irrespective  of whether the damage has been repaired or is repairable.


    • It is strongly recommended that  you do not ship your vehicle to Australia until such time as you are  issued with a Vehicle Import Approval. A Vehicle Import Approval must be  obtained to gain Customs clearance for entry into Australia. Check this  information to find out if a vehicle is eligible for import and how to  go about applying for an approval.
    • The ADRs set out design  standards for vehicle safety and emissions. They are developed through a  consultative process involving government, industry, employee and  consumer representatives.



    • In  reality folks just a bunch of rules and obstacles to SLOW the exporter  down and tie the vehicles up causing unlimited AGGRAVATION !







    Dec 10, 2012


    Dear Mr Martin

    Thank you for responding to my email.

    I note that you decline to provide further information on this matter.

    The  Department responds to allegations of corrupt behaviour by its  employees with the utmost concern and would strongly advise that anybody  with information along these lines to immediately bring it to the  attention of the Australian Federal Police.

    I  also note your correspondence earlier this year with Mr Mark Terrell  and Mr Steven Hoy regarding your enquiry “if conversion of used vehicles  from Left to Right Hand Drive for supply to the market in Australia can  be undertaken outside Australia”.

    On  this matter, both Mr Terrell and Mr Hoy advised you that While the  legislation for the Registered Automotive Workshop Scheme, through the  Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 (the Act) and Motor Vehicle Standards  Regulations 1989, allows for a Registered Workshop to be owned by an  overseas entity, the Department’s position is that the Registered  Workshop must be in Australia.

    I  am making the assumption that it is your dissatisfaction with this  position that was the basis of your complaint to Mr Arthur and  allegation of inappropriate behaviour by a departmental employee.

    Please correct me if my assumption is incorrect

    I have reviewed the advice provided to you by both Mr Terrell and Mr Hoy and their advice is correct.

    Please feel free to contact me should you wish to discuss this matter further.


    David Banham
    Chief Operating Officer
    Department of Infrastructure and Transport

    Dear Mr Martin

    You  recently contacted Mr John Arthur, media adviser with Minister Gary  Gray, concerning allegations of corrupt behaviour relating to the  importation of vehicles into Australia from Japan.

    I  have been directed by the Secretary of the Department of Infrastructure  and Transport, Mr Mike Mrdak, to investigate this matter.

    Mr Arthur has provided me with a summary of his telephone conversation with you.

    To  assist me in my investigation, I am seeking further information  regarding your concerns, or the concerns of others, relating to this  matter.

    Would  you be available, at a time of your choosing, for me to talk to you via  telephone to progress this matter. Alternatively, I am happy to discuss  this further via an exchange of emails if that would be more  convenient.

    In  your conversation with Mr Arthur you provided contact details of an  importer that would be in a position to provide additional information.  You also indicated to Mr Arthur that there are other people/companies  impacted by this issue.   It would be very useful for the purpose of my  investigation if you could provide me with details of these additional  entities.

    I have also left a voice mail along these lines on the number you provided to Mr Arthur.

    I can be contacted either by return email or by phone on (Canberra) 02 6274 7302.


    David Banham
    Chief Operating Officer
    Department of Infrastructure and Transportlog


    Australian politics and law enforcement has a long history of corruption, pay-offs,etc. This is easily accessible on the web and my previous posts.

    The Australian press/media fails to honor their

    responsibilities of thoroughly investigating and exposing the incredible depths of this, probably because

    they are owned and controlled by the very few billionaire monopolies...bed partners and financial backers

    of the culprits who rule Australia from the top down !

    In fact I can personally attest that Australia is NOT the land

    of opportunity it's government, tourism and business promoters boldly lauds and professes it to be with vortexes of televised and published hype.....but rather a country that desperately needs and attracts immigrants to do the work Australia's ME generation, many of them junkies, won't do !  The whole place is owned lock, stock and barrel by a SMALL handful of greedy,hoarding, dictatorial bullies to who'm sharing prosperity is their worst nightmare !





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    Tony Davies


    An Australian mate of mine has just returned to Victoria after more than 20 years living in the UK. He has been shocked at the level of bureaucracy, legislation and restriction imposed on him by the authorities



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