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    Posted March 22, 2014 by
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    Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

    Ideology behind Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 goes disappeared

    This is really shocking sad news that a giant shaped Air Plane went suddenly missing with 239 people aboard from Machinery view and still not have any possibility to get back.
    This is not for the first time when a plane was missed out and that wreckage was not recovered. Yes many of instances are there when several of Air Planes went missing when they were flying over a particular area, yes we are talking about Bermuda Triangle.
    Well Bermuda Triangle Mystery is uncovered. As soon as Bermuda Triangle will be exposed, we will let us come to know about it.
    Now I'm gonna to expose the missing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. The main cause of being missing of Flight 370 is 'Hijacking'.
    This Plane is Hijacked and taken to a country of which the government supports this operation.
    Flight 370 is Hijacked and the way to abduct this Plane is changed and unique than ever before. As I think The government is indulged in hijacking this Flight and 'Hijackers' are Government Intelligence officials of that concerning country. As all of us know that the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is still missing and no any marks found yet to investigate the missing Plane, So hijackers were equipped with latest technology, Most probable that technology would be developed by hijackers or that particular country. Till now Hijacking a plan have been done through a single method, Plan was abducted by its passengers travelling in it and taken it to their destination, So Hijacked Plan could be found easily or they were easy to investigate, but Flight 370 matter is quite different in which there is no clue remaining of Missing Plane, Hijackers would be Trained in rigorous way with their clear motto.
    The logic of the Government indulgence in this operation is that, the country supports hackers or wish to prepare core talented IT Professionals or provide essential space for Techies for the welfare of the country of to conquer the world in this high tech generation. And most individuals in that country's Intelligence system are Top Class IT Professionals to take on over the world.
    The purpose of Flight 370 Hijacking is quite easy to understand. This Plane is Hijacked by China with its Intelligence IT Professionals. And China wish to show the world its power and Potential to change the existing system, and want to warn the world that China is capable to develop its own technology to win the world, and This may be a challenge for World's super power America from China side. And its obvious if abducted Plane is taken to Government supported Country then It can never be found.
    And in my point of view when this Plane would have been abducted Then Another Hijacker's Plane will be flying parallel to Flight 370 which Hijacked to Plane. The noticeable thing is that The Hijacker's plane would be equipped with advanced technology and when it came nearer to flight 370 then This Advanced Plane would have been capable to disconnect the Flight 370 from its parental Radar System and would have been taken total control over Flight 370 and the That Plane would be taken to the Hijacker's desired place. The technology to take control over another Plane would be developed by the China.
    Let me explain it, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 flew away from Kualalampur to Beijing, when it was going towards China, an another hijacker's Plane came to it and they used their developed technology and they made Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 invisible to its parental Radar system and took over total control of Flight 370 and then they would have been taken to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 to somewhere in China.

    Why will China Hijack Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?

    'China has its own kind of World', Chinese People are no longer connected to rest of the world, they live in different world, like their technology, Culture, Business, Life style etc. They are themselves growing and developing new generation of technology, they are self dependent. China has something different way of life whether in Education, Business, Technology or in Matter of Research and Development than the systems we are familiar with or system of the World's Super Power America. China Doesn't follow any other Country's footprint but actually wants to lead the world.
    As all of us know that how world is getting closer to each other and in my point of view to connect with each other the medium is Google, I know most of readers would be satisfied with it. And very clearly Google is an US Company So this totally supports US Country in all the ways not China or any other Powerful Country like Japan, Whether whatever be the reasons of not to have depth reach in these countries, I think Google is unable to expand its reach in these countries or these countries don't allow Google to expand its wings in these countries. So because not having reach in China and Japan Countries by Google, people of the rest world are not directly connected with people of China and Japan. But I have one another Solid reason of not be communicated with Chinese people with rest of the World, that is the Chinese Language, this language is supposed to be a very tough and hard to learn language in the world, while Chinese people are comfortable with this language and hence don't speak any other language except Chinese. So people of every Country can't learn Chinese easily.
    Of course Chinese people also don't need to learn any language, I can prove this, When China hosted The 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing. Then Chinese Universities provided special English language classes to Universities Students for understanding formal words of English Language using in Olympic games, because English is the common language in the world and Chinese only know Chinese they also study all Subjects in Chinese language. So Chinese students were taught formal English language words for Olympic activities or to interact with foreigners coming to chine for Olympic games.
    So most of cases excepts Chinese News Magazines or Newspapers, are not shared on Google and the things remain uncovered for the world. No one doesn't know that how China has become powerful in www. China is getting stronger day by day in online technologies though in their own language.
    Who knows China made a puzzle for America to Hijack Flight 370 to solve, and definitely Plane Hijacking method is brand new and yet to be covered.
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