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    Posted March 22, 2014 by
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    Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

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    MH370 Wreckage in South China Sea?

    Two very similar looking debris fields near the juncture of the Gulf of Thailand, and the South China Sea. These two debris fields were photographed (per the satellite image data on tomnob.com) at the same time and date. They are less than 5.5 statute miles apart. Other items of smaller size are floating in the same area in both images, and in their surrounding tiles. [Refer to maps # 4534 and #1902.] The longitude and latitude have been annotated on the photo collage. [The "ship spotted separately" item in the picture above is not recent. It is a relic of Google Earth when the US Navy did the map for them back in 2013.  It has nothing to do with Flight 370] I had posted the map 1902 some days ago, asking if anyone could ID what it was. Then another ireporter by the alias of "Aaronq" posted a report on the debris object seen on map 4534. I thought it looked remarkably similar to the one I had posted some days ago. After cross checking the latitude and longitude coordinates for each map, it was apparent we were both looking at different parts of what could be the same scattered debris field. I am not versed in the calculation of debris-field scatter zones from different altitudes. I will leave this for the experts to consider. But we can surmise either: 1) these are one debris field that is 5.5 miles wide (possibly larger), or 2) these are two (or more) debris objects [flotsam] floating at slightly different rates, but almost certainly from the same source to be this close together at the same moment the satellite snapped the photo. Both these objects are around 20 meters across. They are not likely to be trash thrown off a small craft. And they are clearly not containerized freight. Their irregular asymmetric shapes could suggest they are made up of something lashed or connected together in a irregular manner. Anyone reading this, please consider sharing it so it has a chance to reach eyes that could be looking at this debris in South China sea. CNN ... are you seeing this ?
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