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    "Feeding the planet, energy for life"


    You can ensure to all mankind a good, healthy, sufficient and sustainable?With this question of challenge opens Milan universal exposition Italia2015. the theme of Expo Milan 2015 aims to address the problem of nutrition for humans, in respect of the land on which it lives and draws his vital but exhaustible resources.Power, sustainability, research and development are the focus that concentrates the event to find out how to provide food and water to the entire world's population. For Expo Milano 2015 participating countries bring their skills in the areas of agriculture, industrial production, trade and scientific research. Taking a cue from this expertise, the purpose is to find models of development to ensure to all mankind a good, healthy sustainable and able to protect biodiversity is essential for the health of the planet. Expo Milano 2015 does not end on 31 October 2015. The result of six months of work, meetings, seminars will leave as a legacy the know-how able to optimize the food chain by proposing new perspectives, by reducing waste, increasing food security and retrieving the nutritional value of food.The beauty standard is an invention of mediaL ' aesthetics, fashion, beauty relate to everyday life; the choice of a partner, a piece of clothing, a House, a gift, a film, but also a result among many in a basket: an important part of our being concerned always that everything is "beautiful".Positivity and well being perceived as a State of security and lack of danger, predispose your body and mind at proporie psychic resources recovery and the strengthening of adaptive and functional behaviors to overall well-being, to relationships, to inner growth.Beauty is not a world that does not exist independently of the observer but requires emotional, cultural participation of individuals.Imagine just for a moment to be deprived of all emotions and think as if reality exists independently of our positive or negative evaluations ... without emotional involvement that inspire hope or concern, pleasure or discomfort, the judgment and the reasons for choosing one over another behavior would have little meaning.What makes it important to the aesthetic experience is its being in direct contact with the world of emotions and feelings and to express an individual community as well, but at the same time so universal, as the need of beauty.Aesthetic judgment always correlated and an assessment from the sensory experience.The brain just 15 milliseconds to recognize beauty.We could discuss a thousand hours on what beauty but our psyche recognizes in 15 milliseconds and behaves accordingly.Today with Neurobiology know what goes on in the mind and body when we encounter the beauty and well-being.The neuroscenze are demonstrating that there is an "innate ideas" of beauty.The world it may be emotional sources of problems and conflicts, is the appearance that more than anything else conditions, and choices, especially for everything that concerns the search for well-being and escape from everything that makes us sick.The aesthetics, though born from unconscious and emotional needs, is produced and refined to be communicated to others.For this is never neutral, but assumes myths, standards mode, and collective rituals related to the historical reference period.Is the brain, not the eye, to ' see ' and interpret reality.fisica beauty standards are arbitrary and individual. For this to be too sensitive to cultural pressures and media conformism can feed the myth of ideal beauty that only serves to create anxiety and dissatisfaction.The crisis that we are experiencing is not only cheap, it is also a profound transformation of society.Strong increase in demand for health and wellness.Strong sense critical thinking privilegiPossiamo and wellness such a mood that each person can fill their content and that brings an individual in the direction of greater serenity, joy, and health.Not to lie in deception, always consult professionals.Nourish the body also means care and cosmetics.For over 45 years Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna is the international platform for the business of cosmetic and wellness world leading trade fair for the professional beauty industry at 360°.More than 90,000 square meters of exhibition area dedicated in 2013 to several areas of beauty: perfume and Cosmetics, natural products, Packaging and Contractors, aesthetics and Spa, hair, nails. Many exhibitors, visitors and foreign buyers who make this event, year after year, a truly international hub where practitioners and decision makers meet to develop their business, create new partnerships and be up to date on all that's new in the world of beauty.


    Thanks to Mr. Dr. G. Polipo & http://www.valjohn.com/

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