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    Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

    Malaysian. Airlines MH370


    CNN reporters need to be objective and culturally sensitive. Creating the notion that Western societies are competent and the Malaysians and Asians are generally incompetent is not objective.


    The facts are that even Americans with all their technology is incapable in finding the plane, Boeing released the 'ping' very late, the Australian imagery was 4 days old, and the French took 2 years to find their own crashed aircraft.


    Ironically, it was the Malaysians who were open to release radar info without verifying, although they should have responded to the radar but did not trigger activation.


    I am highly disappointed by the reporting by Wolfe Blitzer and the type of experts he brought in with all the 'witch hunting.


    There are 2 reports which I think should be pursued seriously. The first is a man on an oil rig who witnessed a sudden flash in the general direction where the plane cut off all contact. The most likely situation is the lithium batteries exploded and caused serious depressurization in the aircraft causing many to go unconscious - explaining why no calls made on hand phones. The plane then went on autopilot program on a worst case of pilot knockout. The plane could either be flown by pilot or on worst case autopilot to gradually crash into remote parts of the ocean.


    The second report comes from a woman who was travelling from Mecca to Kuala Lumpur and claims sighting ocean liners, islands and a plane on water with rafts launched at about 2.30 pm Malaysia time. This would be 7 hours after the last ping, suggesting it floated initially.


    As far as the 'ping' arcs are concerned, the location of this woman is not within these arcs but somewhere near the Andean/Nicobar Islands or, if she was mistake, then near the Maldives, which is south of Chennai. This will explain why the phones were still ringing well after the crash. Maldives appears more likely because residents on those islands reported low flying air crafts and it is about 3200 miles from where the aircrafti lost communications and travelled 7 hours. Unfortunately, while the rafts may have been launched, there is unlikely to be any survivors and the rafts could have automatically launched upon impact with the water.


    I think we should get the experts to explore these leads more seriously.


    As of this time, the so called 'western' competent nations of America and Australia have not found any debris spotted by their satellites and also did not take photos on some spottings and therefore wasted the time of the New Zealanders who were dispatched on such loose reporting.



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