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    Posted March 22, 2014 by
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    Ever want to be Batman?

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    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     sgglisson told me, 'I think Batman has lasted as long as he has because he is relatable. Kids can dream of being Superman from another planet or being bitten by a radio active bug and given powers, but that isn't going to happen. Bruce Wayne / Batman is something that kids could strive to be like. They probably won't have the funds that Mr. Wayne had at his disposal, but the drive to help others and better the world they live in by using what they do have.'
    - hhanks, CNN iReport producer

    I've always loved Batman. When I was a kid I would watch the Keaton Batman over and over until I had every line memorized. I liked Batman because he was just a guy, a rich guy, but just a guy. No "super-powers" or infection from a bug bite, just a guy who wanted to help people.  He symbolized that anyone could do good, anyone could help people in need and I loved that about his character. It wasn't necisarily about Bruce Wayne, but the idea that anyone could help.
    Batman was a symbol of hope. He beat up the bad guys but was also a tortured person with his own grief he was struggling with. If only I had the money he did...  Everyone has gone through some struggle in their lifetime and I think, especially as a kid, it was easy to say hey, get back up, don't give up.
    As far as my fandom, I saw the Dark Knight trilogy movies a combined over 30 times in theaters. Midnight premieres in costume of course. I stood outside the Chinese Theater in LA for the Christopher Nolan ceremony and was able to meet Christian Bale and get his autograph on a poster. I used to have birthday parties where all I would get would be Batman stuff.
    I have an entire room in my house dedicated to my Bat-collection including posters, memorabilia, the Dark Knight trailer on 35mm film, my autographed Christian Bale Poster, and lots of other odds and ends. In my car I have Batman floor mats, stickers, and my license plate used to read "BATGUY".
    As a Youth Pastor I am able to use the character of Batman and scenes from the movies as illustrations in messages to the teenagers I work with. They all know about my love for Batman and like to bring me little things or tag me in posts online to make sure that I see the Batman things they see.
    I'd love to be Batman!

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