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    Ukraine unrest

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    Why Putin is NOT afraid and why Obama WISELY realises the US is NOT the ONLY superpower !



    During the military occupation of Ukraineby

    Nazi Germany,   Ukrainians chose to cooperate with the Nazis. Reasons for  collaboration generally included resurgent Ukrainian nationalism and  aspirations for independence, these however were coupled with rampant  racism towards other ethnic groups (such as Jews Tatars, Roma peoples and  Poles


    Later...when  the Ukranianes discovered the Nazis treacheryand deception towards all  their allies and enemies alike.....over 4 million ukranianes joined the  read army to fight against them so during that period Russia and Ukraine  where brothers in arms against the common tyrant !




    We hear about Ukraine

    Their suffering and pain

    Their nationalistic disdain

    And defensive will refrain


    Crimea was Russia before

    Westerners started a war

    No wonder Putin is sore

    With so much hypocrisy galore


    Crimea ain't worth ww3

    It'll destroy you and me

    Best just let things be

    We all share the air you see


    Russia is a superpower too

    And that is a fact that's true

    We all know that's nothing new

    So let's NOT get in a stew






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