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    Posted March 23, 2014 by
    Taipei, Taiwan
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    Protesters occupy Taiwan legislature

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    Executive Yuan (Taiwanese Central Government) Stormed by Students After 5 Day Occupation of Legislative Yuan (Taiwanese Parliament)


    [March 24th, 03:25 Update]

    "4th Wave of Eviction", On-site doctor reveals on Facebook the life threatening situation of a patient who was beaten up by anti-riot policeman.


    [March 24th, 02:58 Update]

    Gary Rawnsley, Professor of Public Diplomacy in the Department of International Politics, Aberystwyth University's twitter feed: "President Ma, you beat your students with sticks  & make them bleed. What makes you any different from The CCP in Beijing?", "It could have been resolved peacefully a long time ago. It didn't have to come to this. Very sad"


    [March 24th, 2:50 Update]

    "Third Wave of Eviction". Police are determined to remove all protesters before morning. Students accuse police of hitting and injuring protestors.


    [March 24th, 1:40 am Update]

    52 students injured during "second wave of eviction". Police still attenting to remove on site demonstraters.


    [March 24th, 12:50 am Update]

    At least 30 youths and civillians were arrested. Armed anti-riot policeman are starting to remove demostraters by force at the back gates of the Executive Yuan.


    [March 24th, 12:41 am Update]

    Executive Yuan representatives held a press confrerence, the understatement is a summary of what is said.

    1.  The Minister hopes that more police forces can be deployed to the Executive Yuan

    2.  Cilvilians and students should not be effected by the protests and should go back to work and school on monday morning.

    3.  The Minister hopes that people would refrain from passing the area of the Yuans becuase it is unsafe for the time being.

    4.  The Minister is disappointed with all unlegal actions that were taken in the Executive Yuan.

    5.  It is confirmed that the office of the Minister (and also, the confidential office of the minister) was not broken into, but rather a small office beside the two rooms was broken into by six people, who are all removed by the police and taken into temporary custody.

    6.  Policeman will notify the media to ensure that the reporters can leave safetly if they decided to remove protestors from the site by force.


    [March 23rd, 11:43pm Update]

    13 injured in the at the site of the Executive Yuan. It is confirmed that the students broke into Excecutive Yuan leader/Minister Jiang Yi Hwa‘s (江宜樺) office and took away computers and confidential files. Other office computers and files have also been taken away. The government continues to deploy heavily armed policeman to the site Eariler rumors of students breaking into the Confidential Room has been confirmed to be false.

    [March 23rd, 11:20pm Update]

    Representatives of The Presidential Office has responded to students' storming of the Executive Yuan. They said that the government will "act according to the law" to do whatever is needed to protect and restore control to the Executive Yuans.

    [March 23rd, 10:52 pm Update]

    It is rumored that The Control Yuan has also been stormed by  a student organization called "The association of Aboriginal Youths" (原住民青年團). The Control Yuan is one of the five Yuans (Executive Yuan, Legislative Yuan, Judicial Yuan, Control Yuan, Examination Yuan) of Taiwan. The President has cancelled all presidential events for tomorrow.


    The Sunflower Revolution started on 3/18 when students occupied the Taiwanese Parliament Building in protest of the "Cross-Strait (China-Taiwan) Service Trade Agreement", which was shoved into parliament decisions forcefully by the ruling party and passed without proper procedure.


    Students occupied the Taiwanese Legislative Yuan (Taiwanese Parliament) for five days to paralyse the workings of the parliament.


    Half an hour ago, students stormed the Executive Yuan (Taiwanese Central Government). Right now, students are calmly seated outside of the building chanting slogans.


    Some students have successfully broken into the building, which has been under high security for the past few days. One student was reported to have been electrocuted while trying to get into the building through the electricity control room. Police are gathering outside while some are already in the building trying to take control of the situation. There are rumours of students breaking into the office of the leader/Minister of the Executive Yuan (Central Government) and rummaging through government files. It is also rumored that students broke into the Confidential Room (The Classified Files room of the Central Government 機要室) and took away all of the office computers.


    There are an estimated 2500 heavily armed policeman outside of the Executive Yuan. Dozens (including 2 policeman) have been injured during the storming. Police are determined to remove students from the site before midnight and plan to arrest the protesting students on site. Anti-riot tankers (water sprays) are said to be deployed to the  site.


    The President of Taiwan (Ma Ying Jiou 馬英九) has just granted the leader/Minister of the Executive Yuan (Jiang Yi Hwa 江宜樺) the right to do whatever is needed to control the site.



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