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    Interview with the student leader, Lin Fei-fan

    Exclusive interview with the leader of student-led protesters, Lin Fei-fan, before President Ma reposes to the students' demands.

    Interviewer: Jolynn Lee
    Interviewee: Lin Fei-fan
    Cameraman: Lim Ting-yi

    Jolynn: What is your next move?

    Lin Fei-fan: Right now it’ll all depend on President Ma’s response tomorrow. So far the next move hasn’t been decided yet, because we haven’t come into consensus yet, too many voices inside. Basically, some friends advocate to intensify the action. At the other hand, some friends advocate to soften up the action.

    Jolynn: If President Ma’s response doesn’t meet your expectation then what will you guys react?

    Lin Fei-fan: Basically, our plan depends on President Ma’s response, if we are not satisfied with his answer, then we will continuously conduct in our current action, just we’re not suer how are we gonna conduct, it’s haven’t been decided yet.

    Jolynn: Let’s say President Ma fails you guys, then how long do you think the whole protest could possibly last?

    Lin Fei-fan: Because so far, no matter on which side of the road, it all seems like people are still paying a lot of attention on the protest, the morale among them is still high. In other words, more attention will gather more people to come. Of course, some would feel exhausted, that’s inevitable. According to the current social mobilization in supporting the protest, is getting more and more support, this is also the stake for us to negotiate with President Ma. Unless we receive the well-intentioned answer from President Ma, otherwise we will insist this ongoing protest inside the assembly hall. Right now, the deadline is not sure yet.

    Jolynn: So basically you think the morale is not getting weaker right? At the other hand, it’s still being lifted?

    Lin Fei-fan: Of course some people would feel tired throughout the process, and this will affect our morale. But there are still people that cannot come and attend the protest themselves, they would try their own way to attend and make their influence over the protest. Like this time, we gathered 4000 people to enclose the local partisan offices, I think this number of people explains all.

    Jolynn: We heard that you guys are hoping to convoke each college and union to go on strike and the college students to skip class.

    Lin Fei-fan: Now we are having a group of people who are collecting the information of school boycotts from each college. To certain degree, the school boycott is too hard to conduct. For example, the students from Humanity and Social Science Department in National Tsing Hua University get permission to skip class from their department director Yao but the students would feel the pressure. The principal from Tsing Hua University stated that the boycott is against the school policy. And many professors support this protest by announcing on the Facebook that they won't hold any class. Basically we want more people to join us, so we think that the strike is necessary.
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