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    Austin, Texas
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    Ever want to be Batman?



    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     crusader52 told me, 'I cannot find a reason for why he is so popular other then he was one of the first real anti-heroes and through marketing and who he is as a character.'
    - hhanks, CNN iReport producer


    In my life there has been a lot of change in my life whether it be all the moves I have made or the choices that I have made (This of course can be said for anyone.) However despite all this change there has been one thing that has stuck with me through out all the changes I have faced and that was, Batman. He was there in the beginning for me and has been there through the darkest valleys I have walked through and as well my triumphs. Batman taught me how to be a good man, how to never give up on someone even when they have given up on themselves, he taught me to never doubt myself and he also taught me to talk. In the beginning of my life I was born with a speech impediment that left me unable to speak clearly. As a result I would go to multiple speech therapy sessions that would help me to talk cleary and be understood. In the mornings I would go to a speech therapist and in the afternoon I would practice reading out loud to work on my pronunciation of words. Often they would be children books, but gradually I was given some choices and I would drift into the world of comics and time after time I would choose Batman. So in a way Batman helped me find my voice. As I grew past this age my love for Batman didn’t shrink as normal childhood whims instead it grew. It even grew into a favorite memory of my father and I, as we would go to Borders, and as my mother would browse for books. He and I would go to the magazine section he would pick up some motorcycle magazine and I would pick up a Batman Comic and dive into the mythos of Batman. Furthermore Batman was there during the biggest period of adjustments in my life from when I moved across the country or when I would switch schools. Either way during these periods of transition I would always have a period of intense loneliness before I would make friends and during this time Batman would be there to help through that time. When I moved across the country Batman was there for me on the Justice League TV show and when I switched schools he was there for me in the comics. As a result of these changes Batman has become a part of me so much so that my friends often say it’s my obsession (which is true). However its not my obsession because it allows me to escape life and find comfort in something that I have known since childhood, but rather for the change in the mythos itself. I remember growing up watch the campy Adam West show and Super friends. As I would grow Batman changed as well first into the Batman the animated series, then Batman Beyond and finally the Dark Knight Returns. As I began to read the darker stories about Batman I found that the stories started to echo real life and I found in these stories a man who saw a society that was broken, ravaged by despair, mayhem and the darkness of mens' souls. In seeing this face of society he didn’t crawl into a ball, but instead used his own tragedy as a motivating source to become a symbol of hope and fight against fear. This is the aspect of Batman I became obsessed with, the indomitable will that is portrayed in every telling of his story. A lesson that I have tried to take to heart, so much so that when people ask me, what my ultimate goal is I am left with only one answer, to be Batman. I know this is impossible because I will never have the wealth of Bruce Wayne or the physical gifts that he posses, but I can try to reach a place where I have his will and can affect my community in such a way that it will be better off. I think that it is important to note at this time that Batman is not just a character of ink and pencil, but also a beacon of hope. Whether it would be for Batkid in San Francisco or I, Batman has been there as a constant reminder to fight against the forces of nature and man that would push us down and try to diminish our light. In the end he is more real to me because of this, he forces me to look at the world around me and listen to the voices of pain and try to make it better. This is Batman and in his 75th year after 8 live action movies and a 9th appearance on the horizon his message has not been diluted a drop, but instead it has been amplified to a point that it reaches millions across the world and will continue to make change happen not only on a local level, but a global level.

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