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    Omaha, Nebraska
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    Ever want to be Batman?

    Batman Historian


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     logmatt told me, 'He's a man with resources that is driven by real life emotional pain and a desire to see justice in the world. Thats something we can all relate to. We've all felt loss and a desire for real justice at times. We root for a character that gives a voice to the voiceless..one that stands up for the little guy.'
    - hhanks, CNN iReport producer

         I've been a lifelong Batman addict, ever since I can remember.  My first memories literallly are of watching reruns of the 1966 Adam West Batman television show before my afternoon naptime when I was three years old.    I grew up watching this show and the Superfriends cartoon and reruns of the Filmation Batman cartoon.  My toys were the Super Powers, which included Batman, Robin and a few of their key villains, along with many other Dc Comics characters.  When the 1989 Batman movie came out and Batmania was reborn, I was ten years old and the fire was relit again.  A few years later the Batman: The Animated Series cartoon solidified what would become a lifelong obsession with the Bat. 


         I made the move from Batman fan to Batman collector when I met the woman that would eventually become my wife, Holly, in 1997. We purchased my first two Batman action figures with money my grandmother had sent me for my birthday. The fire was sparked and I would haunt thrift stores, toy isles and the Warner Brothers Store for any and all things Batman. My collection quickly grew from one shelf to several bookcases and present day is in the several thousands of items. My collection, before I began to display it this year, filled an entire storage garage by itself.


          In 2003 I took my Batman obsession to another level when I created the Batman website LegionsOfGotham.org. I was going online a lot looking for other Batman collectors and information about Batman toys and there was a distinct lack of websites covering this type of thing at the time. I created Legions of Gotham to unite collectors and fans and connect them with the industry making the toys, cartoons and movies, so that we could have a voice. I worked and continue to work tirelessly to create a full archive of the Batman toys that are out there, something that is an ongoing project. Fans send us pictures of new and old items every day to add to the archives. The website took off and eleven years later we have been responsible for hundreds of exclusives, such as the worldwide premiere look at Christian Bale in the Batman costume prior to Batman Begins, shaping Batman products and I myself have even been fortunate enough to be featured in a Batman comic book as the Joker's lawyer.


          I'm currently still collecting and now working on a three book publishing deal with Opus books to create some really fun Batman books. I'm very excited to be able to contribute to the franchise that I love with some in-depth historical guides and non-fiction books.

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