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    Protesters occupy Taiwan legislature

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    Brutal Crackdown on Student Activists by Riot Police Force


    (Photo of riot police swinging baton while attempting to beat protesters out side of Executive Yuan, photo courtesy by Mr. J Michael Cole of The Diplomat)


    Blood. Bruises. Battered bodies and souls.


    These are what people are seeing after a brutal and horrific crackdown by riot police force after some protesters taking over another crucial government building in Taipei, Taiwan.


    Roughly 10 hours ago, a group of protesters took everyone by their surprises by breaking into the Executive Yuan building, which is the heart of all government functions in Taiwan. Unsatisfied with the press conference held by President Ma earlier, these protesters devised this plan in hoping to expand the magnitude of their demonstration.


    However, soon after they broke into the building, President Ma and the President Jiang of Executive Yuan authorized use of riot police force to vacate these protesters.


    Then the night became bloody, violent, and merciless.


    Photos of riot police using batons ruthlessly beating the protesters can be seemed online. Other brutalities include dragging protesters with brute force, slamming riot shields onto protesters’ bodies were also observed by many at the scene.


    (Fully armored riot police stepping over student activists: http://postimg.org/image/n5yjdkpon/ , curtsey from online message board PTT user xicco)


    While the protesters calling “Peace! Peace!” on the floor, riot police kept on going and determined to take them away from the scene with any means necessary.


    However, what was even more inhumane and merciless was done onto another party: volunteer paramedic team on-site.


    Fearing protesters might be hurt, dozens of volunteer paramedic personnel were also at the scene so they could offer their assistance.


    Dressed in their white robes, they tried to negotiate with the riot police to allow them offering their service to those who are in need of care.


    However, what they received in return for their request were rejection and violence.


    According to the volunteer paramedic team, the riot police denied their access to injured patients, and threatened them with arrest and prosecution if they would not be willing to clear the area. Photo of seemingly robbed paramedic personnel drenched in blood from injury caused by riot police also can be found online.


    (Photo of paramedic volunteer drenched in blood: http://postimg.org/image/gpmmmon61/)


    It was obvious what these riot police were trying to accomplish:


    “Removing all personnel on-site with any means possible; even when it means using excessive force.”


    With water cannon and overwhelming force, the riot police finished their crackdown on these student activists in a matter of few hours.


    More than 50 people were hurt during the crackdown; some are still in critical condition in near by hospitals.


    As the dawn is approaching, some injured protests are returning to their original post at the Legislative Yuan, some are leaving horrified and with shattered spirit.


    As of now, no government official has come forward to issue a statement in regards to this incident.

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