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    Understanding Menopause


    A lot of challenges on women's health can be encounter as part of aging. Some of these can be easily cope up while others can really cause a woman system down . With women on their 50's or younger, they may struggle with night sweats, low energy, mood swings, dryness, low libido and hot flushes for some. Everything mentioned are indications that any woman experiencing these is now in the end of a cycle wherein a woman has her monthly period and pregnancy. This indicates that a woman is now entering a new phase of life.


    As your ovaries no longer fertilized eggs and produced hormones like estrogens, you are now in the stage of menopause. It can be observed as you already missed your period for a year. Although the thought of transition from a certain phase to another can cause mixed emotions, this stage in woman's life should not be considered as dreadful. By taking in some information and bright perception in life, you can greatly deal with this new challenge. Here are some insights that can help you deal with this significant event in woman's life.


    1. Menopausal changes can be present and your mind and body will eventually get used to the changes that will set you on the next phase of life.
    As menopause alters hormone levels in your body, this can certainly bring menopausal symptoms like hot flushes that usually takes some time; or until the time that the ovaries totally stops producing eggs. As you observe this kind of manifestation in your body, you can visit an expert on women's health so your hormones can be test, so to be certain if you are already in per menopause and can prepare for what will be the outcome of this challenge.


    2. You can handle your situation that hot flushes, mood swings, issue on sleeping and dryness can't affect your daily routine.
    The effect of hot flushes can be avoided as you refrain from eating spicy food and caffeine. Some women claim that their hot flushes have been managed by adding soy on their diet. There are also others who consider menopausal hormone therapy in dealing with hot flushes.


    Mood swings on the other hand can be managed by being active and having a good sleep. This can better be done with a support group. If sleeping is an issue, avoid working or smoking before going to bed. Bedroom must be quiet and dimmed so to sleep comfortably. Try not to take a nap on the afternoon so sleeping during the night can never be a problem. For dryness, visit an expert on women's health and ask if menopausal hormone therapy can be helpful.


    3. This condition can make you susceptible to other health issue, so better have a good diet, healthy lifestyle and the right supplements.
    Osteoporosis and heart disease are common to women in her menopausal stage. So if you’re living a carefree lifestyle- it's now time to have change. Avoid smoking, change your diet, have a regular workout. Refer your current condition with a health professional so to keep a healthy diet and exercise.


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