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    Posted March 24, 2014 by

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    Mao would laugh!

    How do you call two grownups working and a child? A family? I don’t know who is madder: me or the world? We used to learn that communism was not the best system to live in; one of the reasons was that it destroys family values. Then what about the parents of 2014 who hurry to make kids and hurry to put them in school at the age of 18 months so they can go back to work?
    Are we so blind by the frenzies of the world we are living in to see what we are doing to our children? Have we ever thought how it may feel to be dumped into a bunch of strangers to make you socialize?
    Have we lost our mind? And heart? We all know that children learn by copying, the mirror neuron studies are no more mysteries, and what do you think a group of twenty toddlers are copying?
    It is a bit of a joke, a bitter one though, to consider that the world is now practicing openly what is dark history… Even Mao would laugh!
    I might sound sarcastic, but I pity this generation of children who at the age of three know their classmates more than their parents.
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