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    Posted March 24, 2014 by
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    Protesters occupy Taiwan legislature

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    Doctors beaten and forced off site by police, injured deprived of medical help.


    March 24th, 05:09 am Update


    On site Medics Report:

    The police have gotten into a mad state, lawyers tell us that the police have started to use police batons and shields quite frequently, and [they] are afraid that more injuries will arise, that is why medics are let into the executive yuan. The are 8 doctors and 5 nurse who were originally scheduled to go into the building through the back door but it was locked. Doctors and lawyers couldn’t get in, despite of the gowns they’re wearing. Volunteer medics set up a medical station on the left side of Chung Shan South Road. Polices hit [the protesters] and cause damage to the head and broken bones in the hand because students instinctively raised their arms to defend themselves against the blows. [The blows] also caused tears and swells [in arm muscles] and the medics treated the wounds instantly. The lawyers will file a lawsuit [against the police].

    The police went in through the door on Chung Shan South Road, pushed through the crowds to get back to the courtyard and started to hose down the protestors using water tanks. [Student leaders and student groups] taught the protestors to squat on the floor back to back to decrease the damage that is caused by the water sprays. After the first wave of hosing, there are only 20~30 students left. Anti-riot police and shield police told them to go away, but after the spraying, the police swarmed in to make the students go away.

    The medics stayed in their place to keep on treating injured people. They were permitted by a policewoman [to treat the injured] but was then ordered by a policeman in the back to retreat and stay away and leave. The police wanted to keep on clearing the site and the medics thought it was dangerous and wanted to stay on to receive and treat the injured. Policemen told the medics in an offensive tone that everyone had to leave the site, if they don’t they will handcuff them right on the spot. The medics still refused to leave. Then the second wave of the hosing started, after some consideration, the leader of the medical team decided that they should not intervene and was forced to leave the site, humiliated.

    The policemen clapped their hands in victory, the doctors shouted back “what about the injured?”. No one cared about the needs of the injured. The police only forced the medical team to leave the site.




    Original Post from On site Doctors and Nurses:







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