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    Posted March 25, 2014 by
    San Antonio, Texas

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    Global march for endangered Gray Wolves March 24th in capital cities


    Following the March 15 Global March for Lions, a nationwide and global march to bring awareness to the plight for survival of the American Gray Wolf occurred on March 24th. The cities of focus are in the states where wolves are currently facing extreme cruelty and threats of extirpation due to political pressure at the state level.


    Since legislative action by Jon Tester of Montana and subsequent steps by others for removal from the Endangered Species list, the momentum to remove wolves from the landscape continues to grow quickly, with the stated intent by Gov Butch Otter of Idaho, and others in many states, to "liberally" remove wolves and other apex wildlife from the landscape.  Many wildlife professionals and followers feel that this could bring them back to levels incompatible with survival in the wild. The country may not have seen this degree of aggression towards wolves since the 1930's, though wolf hunting is strongly opposed by over 75-85% of the voters in relevant states. The Endangered Species Act itself is in danger of reversal with current legislative proposals in the House and Senate, stating that the ESA violates state's rights to autonomy.


    It is the opinion of many that the future of wildlife internationally is at a critical point where it may not recover if not protected now. Genetic viability is being damaged, social structure is traumatized. A strong current political climate is pushing towards extirpation of vital wolves, and extreme removal policy towards most wildlife for oil, the food industry, and tourist hunting dollars.  When states face a poor economy, the pressures to appease special interests are strong, though the long term damage to the land will effect future economics.   While the relaxation of recreational hunting rules is breaking new legal and ethical boundaries, and concerns about wildlife recovery are made public, pleas to the Obama administration for support have met utter silence.


    The voter, in issues of policy over the natural resources of our shared environment, do not presently have the right to have a say on these issues by referendum. These are policy decisions by government appointees who have business dealings with the livestock industry, recreational hunting industry, and fossil fuel / oil industry. The incentive to remove wildlife for corporate interests is obvious and almost insurmountable, and often carried out with extreme malice. Wildlife observers have had a rough winter.


    After the past brutal wolf hunting season, wildlife supporters, from regular folk who love animals to the biologists and other professionals who care for them, Native people and non-Native people of all political persuasions are outraged enough to begin peaceful civil disobedience if necessary, and march for awareness in the key cities of:


    Mar 24 1;00 at Helena, Montana,
    Mar 24 1;00 at Cheyenne, Wyoming
    Mar 24th At 2pm at Madison, Wisc
    Mar 24 2;00 at St Paul Minnesota,
    Mar 24 at 3pm at Lansing, Michigan,
    Mar 24 at 12;00 noon in Missoula, MT
    March 24 in 2;00 Austin , TX
    March 24, 3;00 Chipley, Florida
    Mar 24 at 12;00 noon in Hollywood
    March 24th in Frankfurt Germany
    March 24 in South Africa
    March 24; 2;00 in LaVernia , TX.
    March 24;3;00 in Shelby, NC
    March 24 in 1:00 Eugene, Ore
    Mar 24 12;00 noon in Hollywood
    March 24th at 1;00 pm in Boise, Idaho


    Statement by Northwoods Wolf Alliance


    "The Northwoods Wolf Alliance, in proud solidarity with citizen wolf advocates from all over the United States, demand that the State of Minnesota empower tribes with jurisdiction over wolf management within the exterior boundaries of reservations as a matter of policy effective immediately and that the Federal Government re-list wolves as being under Federal protection and management, as dictated by sound ecological science given the inability of the state political processes to manage resources in the public trust.


    The reason that Minnesota is permitting the recreational torture and slaughter of wolves is clearly that, as Dennis Simon wrote in a an internal MN DNR email, they consider the `hunters and trappers’ and the `livestock’ producers’ to be their `primary and secondary’ clients.


    The PUBLIC is the MN DNR’s ONLY rightful client!


    Restore the original Minnesota Wolf Management Roundtable Plan with the addition that `Tribes shall exercise jurisdiction over wolf management within exterior boundaries of the reservations’. "


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    Image: Northwoods Wolf Alliance, St Paul MN

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