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    Decline in Grammatical and Writing Skills of the New Generation Due To Techspeak


    Communication in the Modern Era:

    The world that we live in today is much different than the one in which our forefathers dwelled. The current era is modern and high paced. Everything in the modern times is technology based which depicts the true picture of ease, comfort and speed. The same pattern has been observed in communication. Few decades back, communication was crippled and a lengthy process but with the introduction of technology in it, things have turned around and now it takes just a matter of seconds and nano seconds to get the message across to the other part of the world. This has been made possible through text messages, instant messages, emails, social networks and other such means.


    Techspeak and the New Generation:

    Our new generation is addicted to their cell phones and communicating through writing through various sources like instant messages, text messages, emails and social networks like facebook, twitter etc. the language, word structure, punctuation, tone and format of language that is used in these modes of communication is generally referred to as “techspeak”. Techspeak have become a normal part of our new generation and they are so much attuned to it that have blurred the lines between techspeak and proper language and writing requirements.


    Decline in Grammatical Skills Attributed to Wrong Grammar Used in Tech speak:

    With every good, some sort of disadvantage is attached. At one hand, these text messages have made our communication easier and quicker but on the other hand, it has badly impacted the writing skills, grammar and word formation of the youth of our present generations. It has an adverse impact on their writing competency. Recently, a study was conducted which found that as students indulge in texting more and more, their grammar is affected badly. This is indicated by the following facts based on the survey conducted by an international firm which found out that:


    The usage of cell phone was highest amongst the age group of 13-17 who send more than twice number of text as compared to any other age group.


    These middle school students are in their learning phase and usingimproper words and grammar becomes their habit which is why they find it difficult to revert back to normal and actual spellings.


    Because of the widely used abbreviations in tech speak (English that is used in text messages, instant messages, social media etc), they have become a standard worldwide and such words have also been included in the dictionary 2011. The most common abbreviations are:


    ·         LOL (Laugh Out Loud)

    ·         TMI (too much information)

    ·         OMG (oh my god)

    ·         IMFO (In my humble opinion)

    ·         FYI (For your information)

    Students Opinion on Techspeak:

    Students were surveyed and it was found that:


    ·         50% of the teens said that they do not use proper punctuation marks or grammar when writing a text message or instant message.

    ·         11% of the teens think that this electronic communication has a negative impact on their writing skills.

    ·         64% of teens have admitted to using tech speak in their class room assignments which has resulted in the deduction of their marks.

    ·         58% have agreed that because of wide usage of techspaek in their daily lives, they find it extremely difficult to write proper words in school and follow the characteristics of academic writing.

    ·         25% of teens were found to use emoticons in their assignments.

    ·         38% of them have used widely used tech speak abbreviations like LOL, OMG etc.

    There is a growing concern in the society regarding the writing habits of the new generations and a lot debates have been going around by scholars who fret that the wide use of techspaek is a real threat to the structure and real essence of the languages and it would eventually fade the lines between proper authentic writing and techspeak.








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