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    Posted March 24, 2014 by
    Deer Park, Washington

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    Washington State Unreported Even If Your Poisoned


    Not good here in Washington State 14 dead and to many missing because the mountain can still move and we have a friend who has family missing still but they are about to call off the search because the mountain could come down more and bury more people.


    It is funny how 1+ people could die in other parts of the country and here in Washington as Hanford poisons the country and 100+ people are missing in the landslide and barely get any visibility at all.


    Yes as you drink your milk or breathe in your air your being poisoned as I have been my entire life. I was born with Epilepsy, asthma, 100+ allergies and depression and anxiety and it happened for no reason apparently?


    Cancer runs rampant up here but if you look it happens across the country as well. How many other countries have the cancer numbers we have? NONE.


    Hanford is a wasteland and cancer will destroy us and landslides will destroy us and you will barely hear about it they will focus on a plane that everyone pretty much knows crashed but because they have not found an airplane part the resources will be used there instead of the 100+ missing here in Washington State.


    People say "It doesn't affect me and I am ok with it." Of course you are until you have cancer then you will think its the normal way of life. Look at the cancer numbers they rise and rise every single year. Until Hanford is cement it will continue to rise. They can ban cigarettes, alcohol whatever they want but it will not help until that wasteland is gone.


    The hidden story is America KNOWS it screwed up with Hanford and wont talk about it. Its as simple as this look at a map and around Hanford? Its all dead. They are leaking this very day and as the jetstream carries it across the country we suck it in. As cows drink out of the Columbia babies milk is poisoned.


    Deny it all you want but it wont make a very dangerous place go away. Go to the Tri Cities and look at the mountains and hills? Not a single tree grows. The ground is dead with tumbleweeds.


    But as people die in a landslide they are chasing ghosts in the Southern Indian Ocean.


    What is the hurt in reporting it? Nothing
    What is the hurt in ignoring it? More people dying a slow painful death.



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