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    Posted March 25, 2014 by
    Taipei, Taiwan
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    Protesters occupy Taiwan legislature

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    Riot Taiwanese police abused the “police right” and beat up unarmed Taiwanese students.


    Riot Taiwanese police abused the “police right” and beat up unarmed Taiwanese students. Witness said: the riot police grab unarmed students violently and used the wooden batons to hit the unarmed students on their heads, which results in the bleeding all over the face and brain concession. Female students cried and screamed: many police hit the individual unarmed student all together inside the Executive Yuan where they expelled the journalists earlier. She cried: they pulled my hair! They pulled my hair! And kicked me out. The other frightened female student came out from the Executive Yuan with the support of a male student and yelled: Are you (the police) still Taiwanese? Are you (the police) still Taiwanese? Outside the Executive Yuan, many unarmed students were beaten by the heavy shields on their feet or body, which would cause severely bruise, fracture or inner damage. The students were just sitting on the floor and holding each other’s hands without any defense or weapons. Riot police even use the long batons to beat up the unarmed students. One policeman used the baton to beat students so hard that it broke in the middle. Many riot policemen also kicked the individual unarmed students brutally. One male police hold a female student in her throat with his arm brutally, which you might think the female was attached by a ruffian if you ever saw this scene in the street. One riot police even hit an injured student by his heavy shield which other people yelled at him: how could you be so cruel? He is injured! Many moms yelled at the police: Please don’t hurt the kids! Please don’t hurt the kids! One witness said: I was beaten up (at least ten batons). My father is a policeman, too. I feel so sad that people are compelled to kill each other in this country. This is insane!
    We strongly condemn the Taiwanese government’s violent suppression of peaceful protesters on March 23rd. Riot police brutally dispersed the unarmed students and citizens demonstrating in Taiwan's Executive Yuan with batons, shields, and high-pressure water cannons. Many protesters were seriously injured and some even lost consciousness.
    Taiwanese police had used violence towards unarmed Taiwanese people. Many people got injured. They even attacked some unarmed journalists, doctors, attorneys ...etc. while they were on duty on the spot. President Ma has refused to talk with the students who occupying parliament in order to protest the under-table Cross-Strait Trade Deal between Taiwan and China by KMT and Ma government.
    All Taiwanese people have witnessed the brutality and violence under the disguise of rule of law. These cruel acts have increased tensions between the government and the people of Taiwan, and many citizens have completely lost faith in their elected government. Therefore, we strongly denounce the government's ignorance of justice, use of excessive force on innocent protesters, and the inexcusable violation of democratic principles.

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