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    Posted March 25, 2014 by
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    Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

    What can happen tp MH370

    CNN and other news channels are obsessed with mystery of 370 but very little attempt is made by commentators to try to combine known facts in a meaningful way. Here is one of attempts to find possible clue what can actually happened.
    1. It is low probability of terrorist act - nobody claimed anything or demanded.
    2. Most probable is that plane was transporting something or somebody illegal - call it "important cargo". It eventually worth more than 200 lives.
    3. Pilots were most probable accomplices and agreed to cooperate. (Look if any of their relatives will become rich in a near future). It was planned and 1st pilot prepared on simulator. (Look if any other passenger was trained pilot)
    4. What happened; As soon as Malaysian area was left pilots turned the plane back across Malaysian peninsula but above Thailand (was on radars). Somewhere in Malacca strait there was a ship waiting for cargo. Cargo was dropped with parachute or raft. That is why plane descended to 12000 ft to be precise. Then they turned autopilot on, loaded flight direction to the most lonely part of Indian ocean, said goodbye and jumped from the plane on parachutes.
    5. Altitude was set high to ensure as long as possible flight until fuel ends. That is why plane was found "nowhere".
    6. Option: Iranians with false passports finished pilots at the last minute and jumped themselves. Their eventual role was controllers and pilots probably did not know about them. (It is very stupid to think that Iranians were refugees: they can travel to Europe with Iranian passports freely directly from Dubai or whatever). (Need full search about them, history, connections, etc.) It is quite possible that mother in Frankfurt will find her son alive sometime...
    7. Clue about 5 passengers who decided not to fly 370 and their luggage was unloaded from the plane. (Need to check them very thoroughly). That is possibly planned action and the best way to place cargo on the plane. People who were sent to unload luggage could be accomplices and brought the cargo in their car and were not observed. It is possible that few of them actually stayed in cargo deck during the flight and helped to discharge it (drop out). Would very desirable to find who actually brought the luggage back to the airport to these 5 people.
    8. Try to restore ship routes in Malacca strait during this night. Those who did it were in a hurry and did not fly too far from Thailand shore. There could be fishermen who saw some ship and plane. Probably pilot called to this ship on his cell 8 min before the flight when the " luggage team "reported success.
    9. Need actually some hypothesis about cargo: drugs, nuclear weapons, materials, parts? What can Malaysia produce? Otherwise could be transit.
    10. Sorry about passengers - they probably did not understand anything for a long time. There was no need in fire: it could quickly damage the plane but criminals wanted to push the plane as far as possible from the scene.
    11. Cargo could be a person or one of the passengers. (If there were any important people on this plane?)
    Hope it helps, at least something to work on. Black box if found probably will not help.
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