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    What Would The Corporate And Industrial World Be Like If The 6S Principle Never Existed?


    The 5S is a working and standardized principle that was devised and initiated by Japanese managers more than 50 years ago. This principle has been credited for transforming Japanese corporations into major players in various industries such as electronics and car manufacturing.


    For many organizations today, another S was added, which now makes it 6S. The 6S now stands for Sort, Stabilize, Shine, Standardize, Sustain and Safety.


    This workplace organization method provides certain strategies or techniques on how employees should organize their work space for productivity and success through identification and proper storage of the supplies they used, maintaining their work areas and items there, and sustaining any new order. Any decision-making process relevant to this principle is the result of several dialogues about standardization among the owner or management and all staff members which also enhances further understanding and full acceptance of how they should work to meet all the 6S target goals.


    Can you imagine the world today without the 5S or 6S principle? The corporate and industrial world will be in chaos without them. Employees would not care how their work stations would like. Office desks will be littered with paper and other items that the employees themselves would not need. Important files and documents will always go missing or be misplaced. Warehouses would be in complete disarray with small or large supplies and equipment just placed anywhere here. In short, you would be hard-pressed to find anything you need or want in such places because there is no proper filing or organizing methods or standards to follow.


    Proper organization methods are also important in more risky or hazardous places or work areas such as construction sites, oil rigs, chemical plants, warehouses for heavy equipment and the like. Can you imagine seeing a bulldozer just parked in middle of the road near the construction site after work? Or how about drums of explosive and highly-volatile chemicals placed near the bathroom inside the warehouse? These kinds of carelessness and thoughtlessness are not acceptable in such situations since you know that you and others can get seriously hurt because of accidents that can occur or be caused by incorrect or lack of organization protocols.


    But you also need to remember that even without any proper or standard 5S or 6S principles in place in a workplace, everyone can still be organized. It all begins with you, anyway. Whether there is a 6S banner in the office to remind you of what you need to do before, during and after work or it is in the warehouse to remind the heavy machinery operators to park their equipment properly, everyone needs to be aware of the importance of being organized and careful since overall safety is in your and all the other personnel’s hands.

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