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    Fascist paradoxes of Putin's Russia

    It is common knowledge that delusions are usual tools of policy. The scale of policy determines the scale of delusion. However,lie in the political system of modern Russia is infinite, paradoxical and close to schizophrenia. What is Kremlin’s tricks and schizophrenia? The political system created by Putin identifies Russia as the main (and probably the only) fighter against fascism in the world, but in fact stays very similar to this regime. Nevertheless, Putin tries to persuade international community (or at least his closest allies) that Russia is the last bulwark of civilization in struggle with fascism (at the same time Kremlin continues internal terror in RF and constantly causes unrest in neighboring territories – in Georgian Ossetia, in Ukrainian Crimea). Madness of Putin’s regime became obvious after the relations of Kremlin and neo-fascistic organizations have been examined. Western right radicals substituted anticommunist and anti-Russian views for pure sympathy to Russia. There were times when friendship with Putin was normal activity among the leaders of traditional political parties with different ideology, such as Gerhard Schroder, Vaclav Claus and Silvio Berlusconi. Nowadays, Vladimir Putin is an idol forfar-right radicals all over the world. German neo Nazi admire Putin’s GDR period, which formed his personality; some of their parties have close ties with pro-Putin political forces. Italian National Front supports Russian law against homosexual propaganda and Putin’s successful intervening in saving of the Assad’s regime in Syria. Greek extreme-right Golden Dawn party announced its purpose to leave the EU and to integrate with Russia. In France, the National Front leader Marine Le Pen also promises to withdraw the country from NATO and to form trilateral union with Germany and Russia. In June her niece, one of the party leaders, had meeting with Alexey Pushkov - a man, loyal to Putin and the leader of Duma foreign committee. Marine herself met with the head of Duma Sergey Naryshkin and the Vice-Premier Dmitri Rogozyn (a former Russian representative to NATO, who was especially strict, expressing his opinion concerning the West). The experts discuss unconfirmed information concerning Russian government financing of the National Front. There’s even pro-Russian TV-channel, whose management is close to either French or Russians who sympathize with Putin. Neofascists share Putin’s ideas and try to ape him in everything. He proposes the model of authoritarianism construction behind the democracy facade. This is what Marcel van Herpen, The Cicero Foundation director concluded in his book “The Putinism: formation of ultra-right regime in Russia”, that became public among academicians. He admits resemblance of the post-Soviet Russia to Weimar Republic of the interwar Germany and regards events of the second half of 2000-s as transformation of Putin’s regime into fascist one. Although it goes only about combination of the fascism elements with system fundamentals – Bonapartism, again in the way of democratic facade, independence from economic bourgeoisie, the national proud cherishing, counting on the secret police and military ventures and with some kind of modernization led by the state. Like in the Berlusconism, the basics of Putinism are personal enrichment ethics, media control and utilization of the party without ideology as instrument of leadership. Among the fascist elements are exploitation of national renascence rhetoric, ultranationalism, aggressive foreign policy and imperialism, and this is not saying about pragmatic cooperation with clericals and the macho image of the Russian leader that is widely exploited by mass-media. All these suits the ultra-right wing but to what extent Putin can be considered as one of them rather than traditional conservative? “He combines both elements – says Andreas Umland, ultras and neofascists formations researcher. His rhetoric is close to right populism. But there’re also closer relations between e.g. European “Mew right-wing” and Eurasians of Dugin who often visits Paris and London”. Eurasianism turns to be one of the main links between Putin and nationalists. The 1920’s Doctrine proclaimed an equivalence of European and Asian Heritage for an identity of modern Russia. Nevertheless, today’s eurasianism arose under the influence of European fascism’s intellectual development and post-soviet economic realities. Alexander Dugin is a notable representative of the neo-eurasianism. His mind was formed under the influence of such fascist thinkers as Julius Evola& Karl Schmitt. Having been in opposition with Eduard Limonov’s national bolshevists he had become one of the regime’s leading ideologists after Putin assumed power. Nowadays Dugin is quite an authoritative person in the Russian society. His status is approved by the post of the Head of Moscow State University Research Center. Moreover, Dugin has always been respected by military men. His books are used in military academies as textbooks. Maybe, some of them were sponsored by the Ministry of Defense. Today eurasianism is a sort of international doctrine of Russian Federation. During Putin’s presidential campaign in October 2011, he declared eurasianism as a base of the Russian foreign policy. Crimea annexation was made within the scope of eurasianism project realization. Besides, another fact of schizophrenia and chouse is Putin’s view of Ukraine and other post-soviet countries like a zone of “privilege interests”. This term was used in 2008 by today’s RF PM Medvedev in his interview to the TV-channel “Russia”. To cut a long story short I’d like to ask a rhetorical question: what are you going to do with your mentally ill neighbor who is dangerous for the society? There are two variants of your possible actions:

    The first one is to change your residence and forget about a disgusting neighbor forever;
    The second variant is to send him for a compulsory medical treatment using legal mechanisms.

    Europe has no possibility to change the planet and move from the mad neighbor. The only thing to do is to find the mechanism of compulsory treatment. I hope Putin isn’t allergic to sedative pills.
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