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    Posted March 25, 2014 by
    Tempe, Arizona

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    MyBeeble Launches Social App for Peer-to-Peer Textbook Exchange


    Written by Eunice Onwona


    As students across the country bid adieu to the Winter Break, we are ushered into the ubiquitous textbook buying season. Once again, here we are spending that hard-to-come-by college money on a bookshelf full of books that we’ll most likely never look at again. Ouch. But the new iOS app MyBeeble lends a refreshing new twist to the book buying ballgame.


    Connectivity is Productivity

    MyBeeble is a social networking platform that allows students to buy and sell their textbooks to other students. After downloading the MyBeeble app, students create a profile, with a username and password or they can also log in via their Facebook account. This ease of use feature allows users to identify and share common personal and academic interests.


    And that is exactly what 31-year-old Gabriel Cornejo was going for. Connectivity is key to the mastermind behind MyBeeble. “The peer to peer concept in the MyBeeble Youniverse is different from what a website like Amazon offers. Amazon’s concept derived from an easy shipping perspective. MyBeeble focuses on convenience and connectivity, which is why the app has an internal messaging system, to provide users a convenient way to contact each other, but also allows for users to reach each other by email, call or text. With a centralized focus on cultivating relationships, MyBeeble wants users to experience the benefits of their new connections beyond just the exchanging of their textbooks. The app is supposed to help you build relationships for part, or the entirety of your academic career.” Cornejo explains.




    In addition to being a social networking platform, the app has a geolocation feature that enables users to easily locate the textbook they are looking for locally based on their zip code, not solely based on which school they are attending. Users can narrow their search by specifying the title, author, price range, keyword, ISBN, or they can simply scan the barcode of the book for a list of potential buyers and sellers within the specified zip code. MyBeeble also has built in a price comparison feature of online bookstores, which provide links to new, used, e-textbook and textbook rental agreements available, in case you are looking for more than just a textbook to own.


    With several features to enhance the textbook buying/selling experience MyBeeble wants to provide for all your textbook buying/selling needs. Bookmarking a specific ad allows users to easily keep track of any textbook that meets their needs for later use. Wishlist enables users to be informed when another user has created an ad for the specific textbook they are looking for. And of course, quickly add to your list of friends to remain in contact for homework help, to form study groups or to exchange with again.


    MyBeeble has partnered with PayPal to assist with the payment services portion of their app, which allows users to pay each other using their debit and/or credit cards. With users being able to buy a textbook and have it shipped through the United States Postal Service users are required to have and maintain a level of professionalism, which is why there is an integrated rating system for shipping transactions. In so doing, users can determine the standards of quality customer care to a certain extent. It’s your Youniverse.


    The Man with the Plan


    Cornejo is well acquainted with the horrors of the textbook buying season himself. When he attended Northern Arizona University, he experienced the pains that many of us experience in the bookstore or shopping online. So Cornejo took matters into his own hands.
    “After using my textbooks, I would sell them. I would make ads and post them on campus bulletin boards, I found this process of direct selling to be more effective and lucrative than the traditional process of selling my textbook back to the bookstore.”
    It turns out, all it took was a little creativity for Cornejo to avoid the textbook money pit. Upon graduating in 2005, the blueprint for the app was all set. But it was not until 2011, that Cornejo took action following a near death experience.


    The app is named after Cornejo: “When I was younger, I had a cousin my age who could not say Gabriel. He would say “Beeble”. So it became a nickname that my mom still calls me to this day.” “This is my way of paying homage to the woman that inspires my drive and motivation,” expresses Cornejo.






    Visit MyBeeble.com for more information. MyBeeble will be available on Android and web soon.

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