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    Posted March 25, 2014 by
    Mundelein, Illinois

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    Don't ever drink water from here!


    Hard to swallow: Electric Energy companies' Clean Coal slogan...when they're
    rendering drinking water sources toxic forever!


    They're tapping 'Dirty Energy Profits' to the max here – the profits energy companies amass scrimping on safety. One coal ash dump site so toxic, even the energy company wants local water authorities in Wilmington, North Carolina to never tap 17 square miles of groundwater near the site for people to drink and wash with.


    Massive coal ash groundwater contamination has poisoned wells near Wilmington with arsenic, boron, cadmium, chloride, chromium, iron, lead, manganese and sulfate. If this ash pond is impossible to clean up, they have good reason to prevent use of ground water anywhere near it. Consider the shattering cost in dollars and killer publicity it would cause if a number of deaths and catastrophic illnesses were connected to it. Try to use the slogan 'Clean Coal' with that going on.


    This is the largest coal energy company in the country with multiple coal ash dumpsites in several states leaking for many years. That's a whole lot of Dirty Energy Profits that buys them a lot of influence with legislators to keep off their backs about safe coal ash storage – and to keep coal-fired electric priced so low that solar and wind green energies can't touch them. And that's even with money to promote coal as 'Clean Coal' to combat the cry for green energy.


    It's not just that coal pollutes. We've bought into the fact that we pay for auto convenience with pollution and crashes. The same goes for airplane travel. Like electricity, we're hooked on these conveniences. We know these industries cannot deliver them zero-polluting, zero crashes. But coal ash water contamination is criminal because it is preventable.


    Storing dry coal ash in securely lined and capped landfills minimizes the possibility of contamination or spills. There are much smaller coal energy companies already doing it. Cost more? Have to charge customers more? Yes, a lot more. Open the door to green energy competition? Yes. But want coal to have a future along with green energy?

    Even with the coal industry's new 'Clean Coal' super technology power plant coming on line, they're going to be hard-pressed to be able to pay off those 2 words given the recent rash of coal-contamination of wells – and especially with the ash dumpsite-contaminated groundwater they themselves shut off to public use forever. With poisons polluting the groundwater there forever, that's how long the words: 'Clean Coal' will be impossible to swallow.


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