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    Top 5 Ways To Have A Better Commute To Work


    Many studies on commuting and the effects it has on commuters have been done in the last few years and the results are not good. For example, this article at TheGuardian.com reports on a 2014 study done by the Office For National Statistics in Great Britain. The study showed that commuting makes people 'unhappy and anxious'. This was no small study either. This was a study of around 60,000 people. Another one of the results showed that 'Commuters have lower life satisfaction and a lower sense that their daily activities are worthwhile.'

    Commuting to and from work isn't fun (or healthy), that's a fact but with so many people traveling for up to 3 hours one way, every day, to and from work, there just has to be a better way to spend that time. This article is going to share some fun suggestions on ways to fill that boring time slot.


    1) Listen to Music


    This is a great idea for those who like music and are stuck in a car, bus or train for their daily commute. Setting up an anti-boredom playlist is a great way to help you through the dreaded journey. Pick some music that makes you relaxed, happy or even makes you laugh. How about playing some motivational or inspirational music? Cheesy music with fun beats or lyrics can help you put a smile on your face. Soundtracks from your favorite films can help you think about other things. Even some light orchestral music can help you feel ever-so-sophisticated on your way to work. Try to avoid sad, heartbreaking songs and those angry songs or you could end up associating your commute with a really awful mood.

    2) Play Games


    Playing video games is a lot of fun and will make you forget you're on your commute. I-Spy is great if you have a 3 year old with you, but for those adult journeys where you just want to unwind, Sudoku and crossword puzzle books can be great. But interactive games are much more fun for anyone who wants to wake up their brain in that early morning commute. If you look at the range of apps that are available to download, you will never have to worry about being bored again. Some of the games even have the added advantage of helping you win money as you travel!


    For those who like to gamble or try to make money, an online game like mobile bingo, for example, is a great way to make cash and have fun at the same time. Bingo is known for its social factor, and when you are playing, it can really feel like you are in the bingo hall. It's a sociable game where you can see who else is winning, how much they have won and which other games are available. Mobile bingo can be played on the bus or the train and can liven up even the dullest of commutes. Who knows, you could even win more than your salary simply on the journey to work!


    3) Catch up on Work


    Working in your only free time of the day isn't everyone's cup of tea, but if you can get a few emails ticked off your to-do list or maybe even brainstorm a few ideas for your next meeting, then your commute is going to be a very productive one. After all, the more time you spend on your commute getting small tasks done, the more time you have at home to relax. If you have to start or finish a report, work on that. If you have memos to write, write them. If you're not happy with your job, work on polishing up your resume and cover letter. Then check the online job sites for new jobs to apply for.


    4) Watch Movies


    Isn't technology fantastic? Thanks to smart phones and tablets we now have access to movies, 24 hours a day. Obviously, this only applies if you are taking the train or bus and not driving a car, but choosing downloadable movies, soaps, documentaries or dramas means that you can spend your traveling time in a much more enjoyable way rather than staring into space.

    Movies can be streamed from Netflix or Lovefilm plus a range of other sites. Just make sure that you have a consistent internet connection. If you are planning to stream your movies though, you could end up getting frustrated with the constant pauses while it buffers. The best thing to do is to choose a couple of movies or episodes of your favorite T.V. series you want to catch up on, download them to your device and make sure that you have some good quality headphones so that you can enjoy your commute. Just don't forget to get off at your stop!


    5) Read


    If you don't want to carry a big heavy book around, bring a newspaper, your favorite magazine or a paperback. Or you can use your mobile device (phones, tablets and e-readers) to help you catch up on your reading.


    Practically every genre of book is available online and you can download these quickly, inexpensively and efficiently to your device of choice. Another great thing about reading from a mobile device is that you can carry around as many newspapers, magazines or novels as you want without being weighed down. Many news apps with personalized filters are available which means that you can read the articles that interest you at your convenience. Your favorite childhood novels, epics that you have heard great reviews about or simply trashy magazine articles which can offer you a bit of escapism on your journey are all easily accessible and a great way of killing time.


    Overall, there are many different ways to keep yourself entertained on your journey to the office. Thanks to games, music, books and movies, even a 1 hour commute can turn into a fun commute! Hopefully, this has given you some new ideas on how to beat a mindless, boring, time-wasting commute. If you already do some or all of these things, congratulations! If not, why not give them a try? All you have to lose is a boring commute.

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